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10 Reasons Children Should Learn Archery

10 Reasons Children Should Learn Archery

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Many studies have shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are far less likely to develop dangerous habits like smoking and drug abuse. Despite the heavy evidence supporting these facts, only 2.6 million of students from the ages 12-17 are actively enrolled in such activities.

If you are looking for a good after-school activity for your kids to get involved in, then archery is a fantastic option to consider. This article will briefly outline 10 Reasons Children Should Learn Archery.

It Is a Year-Round Sport

Archery is a great sport to get your children involved in as it is a year-round sport. In the warmer seasons, there are outdoor ranges that can be used, and in the colder months, indoor ranges are available. This means that your child will not have off-season times where idleness can result in getting involved in bad habits or negative groups of peers.

It Is a Very Safe Sport

You might think that letting your child learn how to use a deadly weapon could be dangerous, but the truth is that archery is one of the safest sports for children to learn. There is minimal contact with other people, meaning the risk of broken bones or sprained muscles is greatly reduced. The staff there to teach your children will all be very skilled and will train your child and all the other present participants to be safe while handling the bows and arrows.

Teaches Impressive Skills

There are a lot of great skills that are learned through archery. As your child learns to work with the best youth compound bow, they will also be learning other important things, some of which are as follows:

  • Aim: Your child will learn to aim well. This can be helpful in other sports and activities as well.
  • Patience: Archery teaches kids to wait patiently for the right time to shoot. Patience is something that can greatly benefit every facet of their life.
  • Strength: It takes a lot of strength to wield a youth compound bows. They are heavy and taut, and your child will develop strong muscles as they learn to work this machinery.
  • Control: Every part of the mind and body has to be in tune for someone to be successful with a bow and arrow. Learning to have such control can do wonders in and out of the archery range.

Increases Good Behavior in Children

Kids who learn all of the skills needed to be a good archer will be learning the skills needed to have good behavior wherever they are. All of the positive lessons they learn to better their archery game will follow them into the classroom and the home. This improved behavior will be a huge asset to them in all their present and future endeavors.

There Are Many Scholarship Opportunities

Archery is still as yet an under-utilized sport in the lower ages. This means that there are a lot of incredible scholarship opportunities available to a much smaller pool of participants than in other sports. Your child could gain some important funding for their future educational aspirations by learning archery. The cost of the lessons now often turns out to be a very wise investment in the future.

It Is Physically Challenging

With the rise of childhood obesity in the country, it is important to find fun ways to keep your children active. Archery is a very physically challenging sport that will help your child gain muscles and shed excess weight. It might not involve the traditional running and jumping found in other sports, but the skills needed to be a good archer require a strong and lean body. Your child will get excellent exercise as they learn to aim and shoot their bow and arrow.

Increases Confidence

10 Reasons Children Should Learn Archery

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Children who learn the skill of archery will also learn to have confidence in themselves. A lot of depression and anxiety among teens has been found to be caused by a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

By getting your child involved in archery, you will be giving them something that they can truly be proud of.

They will have confidence in their ability to do hard things, and this will help them avoid some of the major pitfalls common to other kids their age.

Enhances Focus and Balance in Children

Focus and balance are two things that many adolescents are lacking. With all of the changes happening in the mind and body at these awkward ages, it makes sense that it would be hard for kids at this stage to have a lot of focus and balance. Fortunately, these are two things that are taught in abundance in archery courses.

Your child will learn how to have self-discipline as they control their changing mind and body. Their regular practice on the range will help them to navigate these changing waters of puberty with ease and grace.

Teaching Cultural Lessons

Archery is a very important aspect in many cultures. As your children learn this unique skill, they will also be taught about where the skills came from, and how it impacted those cultures. This information will instill in them a deeper respect for other lands and people.

Offers Them the Feeling of Achievement

One of the most important things you can teach your child is the feeling of setting goals and achieving them. This is a vital aspect of successful archery. Through this sport, your child will learn how to set goals and then work hard to achieve them. As they learn to enjoy this feeling of success, they will be gaining the necessary skills to set and achieve goals in other facets of their life as well. Learning to work hard for worthy goals is the main key for success in every area of life. Teaching your child this skill early on will have only good effects for them and you.

If you feel like your child could benefit from any of these attributes, then it is time to look into archery lessons in your area. This is a fun and challenging way for children to be physically fit and involved in positive activities.

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