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5 Easy Tips for Choosing Your First Handgun

Revolver Dan Wesson in the hand of the buyer in the arms store

If you are considering purchasing your first handgun the options can be overwhelming. There are many choices out there and you want to get the best value and enjoyment out of your handgun.

An estimated 55 million Americans own guns, and handgun ownership is up 71% in the last 25 years. There are an estimated 111 million handguns owned in America.

And gun manufacturing has risen sharply over the last few years too. There are many options for handgun purchases.

Unfortunately, this means making a decision about your first handgun can be even more challenging.

There are numerous online guides and various advice columns, but you just end up with more guns to choose from.

Don’t worry. We can help.

We’ve put together 5 essential tips when purchasing your first handgun.

Let’s go:

9mm Is a Great Caliber to Start

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A great starting point is to think about caliber.

And a 9mm pistol is a great place to start for a first-time handgun buyer. The weapon is the primary sidearm of the United States military and is used often as a service pistol for law enforcement agents.

Considered very easy to learn to shoot, the 9mm also has the advantage of being easy to clean.

You will also want to factor in ammunition before you make a purchase.

Think About Ammunition

One mistakes beginners to handgun purchasing make is they don’t think about ammunition and the cost of ammunition.

For your initial pistol investment to last and have long value, you’ll want a handgun that fires ammunition that tends to be inexpensive and is readily available.

You can’t go wrong with 9mm for ease and affordability of ammunition.

Test Fire

Getting the proper first pistol for you means test firing the weapon before you decide. Choosing a nearby gun store with a firing range will allow you to gauge the weight and feel for the pistol.

At the same time, test firing a handgun will allow you to talk directly to gun shop representatives. They can give you valuable advice as well.

You’ll want to talk to them about a gun safe too.

Get Security For Your Handgun

First-time handgun buyers may not be aware of the security issues surrounding owning a handgun.

Unfortunately, guns are one of the most targeted items for theft in home burglaries. An estimated 600,000 guns are stolen every year in the United States.

Investing in a safe and an alarm system is a great idea. The last thing you want is for your new handgun to fall into the wrong hands.

Decide on Usage

If you are planning on using your first handgun primarily during daylight hours, or inside a shooting range, you won’t need to worry about lighting.

But if you are planning on firing your new handgun in the dark, you may want to factor in using lights. Sites like offer a number of great options for lighting.

Make a Great Choice

If you follow those simple tips, you’ll find the right handgun for you. The next step is finding time for the range.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to marksmanship.

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