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7 Must Have Items for Wilderness Survival

7 Must Have Items for Wilderness Survival

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If you are going out into the wilderness, you should make sure you are going well prepared with the right items for survival. Sure, no one wants or expects to get into a life threatening situation.  However, in the wilderness, anything can happen at any time. In this article, we have complied 7 must have items for wilderness survival; let’s get started!

A Survival Knife

The number one must have item is a survival knife. It has many uses in everyday activities.  In case you happen to find yourself in a dire situation, your chances of surviving are increased if you have a knife.

Look for a sturdy and reliable survival knife which you can keep on your person. Consider getting a knife which has 4-5 inch carbon steel blade and flattened back edge. This type of knife can easily split kindling, skin an animal, filet a fish, and even cut through the forest and the vegetation.

The knife can also be used to; create weapons, open packages, create fire starters (like bowing a drill), build an emergency shelter (by cutting branches or cutting tarp), cut clothing for bandages (in case you do not have the first aid kit), and so much more. Keep in mind, your choice of knife is crucial to your survival.

A Heat Source

A means of making fire is essential when you’re out in the wilderness. Your survival may completely be dependent on whether you’ve the capability of creating a fire.

Match boxes are a great source of heat because they are an easy and quick way of starting a fire, keeping warm, finding way through the darkness, making emergency smoke signals, burning parasites like ticks, among many other uses. However, they can easily get ruined if it rains.

Therefore, it is wise to keep a water tight lighter available. Also within this realm, you might want to make sure to bring a good tactical flashlight. This will help for situations you might run into at night.

A Map and Compass

Although modern technology has brought about many changes in this area, when going out into the wilderness, you should always bring with you a map of that area and a compass. This is particularly important in case the area has poor cell coverage, or in case you experience technological glitches, or even accidentally damage your phone. A map and a compass might be the only tools that can lead you to a safe location. Learn how to read a map and navigate with the compass.

Some Sort of Shelter

Wilderness survivalAnytime you happen to enter the wilderness, you should carry with you a cover for unexpected overnight stay. A cover is something you should always bring with you even if you are just planning on a quick afternoon hike.

Having a cover which you can easily pull out and erect a shelter will help protect you from the rain, cold, animals, among others. Even a simple tarp which you can throw over the branches is enough. You should also consider bringing warm covering for your body.

Depending on where you get stranded, keeping warm might proof to be difficult, but it’s essential for survival. Make sure you bring warm, insulating clothing.

Cordage Rope

While it is possible to make ropes out of the plant materials, you do not want to waste valuable time with such unnecessary tasks. Bringing with you a strong rope can be of great help when it comes to making shelter, setting traps, or even climbing terrain.

A rope can also come in handy when you need to escape, or when you need to climb out of a potentially dangerous situation. Paracord will work great for this, and it doesn’t add too much weight.

Stainless Steel Water Container

You will most certainly need water when you are out in the wilderness. That being so, the type of water container you carry the water with can make all the difference. The ideal type of container to use is a stainless steel water container.

It’s not only durable, but it can also be put over the fire to melt snow or boil water, making it safe for drinking. Take a stainless steel water container which is sturdy enough and big enough to carry enough water for long treks.

First Aid Kit

When going out into the wilderness, you should carry a first aid kit with you at all times. It’s an essential item which should never be left in the car or at home. Make sure the kit has the basic first aid items like bandages, band aids, sterile gauze, tape, burn creams, ointments, scissors, soap, personal medications, among such other items.

It’s super important to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the situation you’re putting yourself in. You don’t need to have everything you might need for any situation, because you have to keep in mind you have to carry all of it, but make sure you have the essentials.


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