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Don’t Talk to Police After a Shooting?

Don't Talk to Police

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If you carry a handgun for self defense you owe it to yourself to watch this video.  Don’t Talk to Police sets forth some essential knowledge to protect yourself after a use of force incident.

This goes in the face of a lot of what seems to be common thought.

Good guys have nothing to fear from the police, Good guys talk to the police, only the bad guys have to worry about self-incrimination.  Pleading the fifth is saying I’m guilty.

While I am extremely pro-police and work within the system, I think some of this needs to be investigated.

The 5th Amendment was designed to protect the innocent from being tortured into confession.  However, I feel how you do that is important.  I wrote about this earlier in what to do after a shooting.

Police have the ability to lie to you, the Supreme Court and multiple lower courts have ruled this way over the years.

What you may not know is that whatever you say to the police cannot be used for you.  Any statements that help your case is hearsay and the cop is not allowed to testify for you, but everything you can will be taken and used against you.  Why would you make statements.


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