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How to Build a DIY Rifle Rack for $20

How to Build a DIY Rifle Rack for $20

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As I said in the DIY $20 Rifle Rack video, this is not my original idea, I got this idea from 7.62x54r.net.

This is not an exact set of plans, you can adapt as you desire.

Recently, on the YouTube video someone had the great idea to put a small magnet in the top cut-outs. This is a great idea and if I ever build another rack, I will definitely use that tip.  Also I will also add felt strip along the rack where it meets the metal for the rifle.

My current rack is mostly for old WW-II Soviet Mosin Nagant Rifles.  They reject any such niceties as Russian rifles don’t. need felt.

Basic Process

  • First, I went to Lowes and bought some shelving board.
  • Two 28 inch length sections were cut from the board
  • Next I snapped a line about 1/2 down the width of one of the boards.
  • I marked several equal sections (one per gun) along the chalk line
  • Subsequently, I used a hole saw to cut out a hole centered on each mark.  Once the holes were cut, I cut down the line, ripping the board length ways.
  • Then I took a 6 foot shelving board and cut it in half to make two 3 foot sections.  Note that if you are building a rack for M-forgeries or other shorter barrel rifles this will be a little too small.
  • At one end of each long board I laid the smaller half of the board with the half-circles cut into it and then marked the long board.
  • After that. I laid a straight edge on the long board and drew a line from the mark to the other edge of the board. This line was about 1 foot from the opposite edge.
  • Next, I repeated on the other long board and the cut along the line.
  • I glued and screwed the drilled 28 inch board to the 3 foot boards.  One at each end.
  • Next I took one of the drilled boards and glued and screwed it to the smaller end of the 3 ft. boards.
  • To keep everything organized, I cut some wood strips and framed around the bottom of the stand to make individual
  • Finally, I painted it and put it on top of a small shelf in my office.

As always, I hope this is useful to you.


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