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Handgun III Firearm Cleaning and Storage

Handgun III Firearm Cleaning and Storage

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This will not be a full article on firearm cleaning and storage. I wanted to experiment making videos using my class PowerPoint presentations.

I did feel the need to be a little more brief in my explanations of the slides than I normally am in class, but that’s because in class, with me jumping around and passing around training aids it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to describe the concepts I posted here.

Its hard to keep a YouTube Audience interested for an hour long video.

As always, these videos do not take the place of live interaction with a qualified instructor. This is just another attempt to use a new medium to help give a new shooter a starting point in their training so they may feel a little more comfortable in a formal class.

Firearm cleaning and storage are often overlooked by shooters.  New shooters don’t see the importance due to ignorance.  Experienced shooters can succumb to carelessness.

Taking time to clean your firearm prevents it from deteriorating in storage.

I have also known people who failed to clean there gun and did not know that they had parts broken.  Taking the time to clean your firearm will ensure that it is always ready to use, and will reinforce your understanding of how your firearm functions.

If you are going to own a firearm you need to take care to store it properly.  It is okay to consider a self defense gun to be in use at all times.  How many such guns do you need.  I may have a gun or two in my home, but only one of those is my “home defense” gun.  When I am out in public it is a Glock 19.  The pistol goes in the safe when I am home.  A Remington 870 is my home defense firearm.

I don’t want WT to be able to get to any guns unless I am with him.  When he is older and I teach him to shoot, I want him to be free of the frustration of working with a gun that won’t fire.

These two things are why I want to share the importance of firearm cleaning and storage.

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