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How To Transform Your Golf Cart Into a Hunting Buggy

How To Transform Your Golf Cart Into a Hunting Buggy

When considering the best vehicle for hunting, a golf cart doesn’t always come to mind. If the thought of using a golf car has piqued your interest, then continue learning how to transform your golf cart into a hunting buggy.

Changing the Motor

Before making any changes, you need to pick a suitable motor. The motor needs to withstand steep hills and thick grassy areas. If you have engine issues, it’s time to upgrade to something with more functions.

Shopping for a suitable electric motor starts with looking for the best functions. Some important things to look for include:

  • Good traction
  • Enhanced forward and back function
  • Upgraded cables

These small elements make driving a golf cart better. Now, let’s talk about the best batteries to use.

How To Pick the Right Batteries

For every hunter, a good battery comes with an outstanding range. While the batteries are expensive, as a hunter, you want the most run time, especially if you have a long hunting trip ahead of you.

For a better idea of what type of battery to get for your hunting buggy, here’s what you need to look for:

  • The battery’s age
  • The voltage
  • The amperage

Improve the Suspension

Whether you’re transporting game or equipment, having a lift kit can help make carrying things simpler. If you’re hunting with a group, you’ll need heavy-duty leaf springs to balance out the passenger weight and move over large objects.

Although not every lift kit’s suitable for every lift, there are many options. For example, a dense, wooded area needs springs to help get over sticks and rocks while carrying everything.

The usual clearance sizes include:

  • 3″
  • 6″
  • 8″
  • 10″

How To Enhance Your Buggy Tires

Buying the right tires requires careful consideration. Golf cart tires need sufficient lift and traction to get you around rough areas. If you really want to invest in the best tires for off-roading, steel and aluminum wheels are great choices.

For the tires, focus on how much weight you plan to carry. For example, if you’re traveling on dirt roads with a 6″ lift, you want the rims to be 12″ and wheels at 23″; that way, your load won’t prevent the golf cart from moving. However, if you’re looking to absorb shock, a 10″ rim and 22″ tires are better to use.

The Best Golf Cart Accessories for Hunting

When selecting hunting accessories for a golf cart, ensure what you pick helps make your hunting trip less stressful.

Here’s an idea of what to buy:

  • Fishing pole holder
  • Cooler rack
  • Binocular receptacles
  • Brush guards
  • Roof storage

Having accessories helps make your golf cart easier to drive and makes the trip more organized.

As you finish learning how to transform your golf cart into a hunting buggy, you’ll realize the best way for transitioning starts with getting the right tools. For every changed golf cart, a hunter is having a successful season.

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