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One Handed Glock Field Strip

One Handed Glock Field Strip

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I am a firm believer that if you are using a pistol for personal protection you need to be able to operate it not only with both hands, but also being able to manipulate it effectively with a single hand – and with your non-dominant hand if necessary.

Instructors definitely need to be able to do so.

However, being able to perform a One Handed Glock Field Strip is not something I think you have to do to be combat effective – its more a novelty to show off or to win a bet, but it is a cool thing to know how to do.

Now, while it is possible that in a gun fight, after being wounded, you may encounter a malfunction that requires you to field strip your handgun with one hand, but realistically it is probably about the same likelihood as coworker splitting his lottery winning with you because you said buy the ticket and I will owe you a buck… (Especially since you owe him money for all the non-winning tickets he bought during the last six months)

Let’s face it, being able to field strip your Glock is really about the cool points… It shows you know your gun better than the average bear.

Glock field strip comments:

Yes, to field strip a Glock you need to activate the trigger, yes, some knuckle draggers have had Negligent Discharges doing so because they did not properly clear their gun before doing so.

It’s important to note that those people all thought their firearm was unloaded when it was not – that’s not the fault of the gun, but the ignorance or carelessness of the user.

Nobody wants to work on a loaded firearm, no matter the brand, you properly clear and then visually and physically check it to ensure it is clear. Treat it as if it is loaded, and point your gun in a safe direction as you pull the trigger.

The slide will come off the same way if you press the trigger, then depress the slide lock lever, or depress the slide lock lever and then press the trigger. Pressing the trigger first, then depressing the slide lock lever is much more controllable.

Keep the muzzle pointing slightly upward as you release the slide lock lever, as the slide will freely slide off the gun if the muzzle is down (or if it is parallel to the ground, and you pull the trigger after depressing the lever).

If the slide falls off the frame and the front of the slide where the recoil spring rides impacts first, the slide can bend. This is not fixable, does not follow manufacturer guidance, and will result in “gun don’t work” and Glock is free to say that the replacement part is not under warranty.

Procedure for one handed field strip:

  • Clear your gun
  • Clear your gun
  • Check both physically and visually to ensure the gun is clear
  • Point firearm in a safe direction and pull the trigger after you have ensured the firearm is clear
  • Using your thumb and index finger, grasp the slide lock levers located on both sides of the slide
  • Press the muzzle of the gun against a table or other hard object to move the gun slightly out of battery
  • Pull the slide lock levers down as you push the gun out of battery
  • Lay the gun on the table with the magazine well pointing up
  • Slide frame off slide
  • Lift out recoil spring
  • Lift out barrel
  • Make cool YouTube video

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