Correction Officer Notebook

Correction Officers go through a lot, they work long hours dealing with societies nightmares and receive little thanks and a lot of stress. This notebook is designed to relieve some of the stress by allowing a simple way for an officer to personally document issues in the event they need the information down the line

This notebook has tons of ruled pages to fill as you would a logbook, but its best feature are the forms to help keep tracks of searches, disciplinary reports, overtime worked, and shift assignments. In a lot of ways it is better than the tiny flip notebook many experienced officers carry to CYA.

Correction Officer's NotebookHave you ever worked overtime that didn’t show on your check?

Have you ever had a grievance filed on you?

Ever been sued?

Welcome to the world of the correction officer. An officer supervised 128 or more inmates by themselves. They face shanks and shivs and all manner of civilian nightmares with a radio, a big key, and a good personal attitude.

Unfortunately sometimes a correction officer needs to be able to CYA. Government logbooks are nice but having your own documentation can be comforting.

The Correction Officer Notebook is a small 5×8 notebook with forms to help you document your actions as well as lined notebook pages to let you remember what’s important.

Besides plenty of ruled note pages it holds:

  • Unit Worked
  • Inmate Disciplinary
  • Search Logs
  • Overtime Log

If you don’t CYA no one else will.

Author Note

As a Correction Academy Instructor, I teach my cadets that if its not written down, it didn’t happen.  What that means is, that if its not documented you can’t use it as a defense.

I also know that sometimes you work overtime, but the paperwork never gets to the timekeeper. It is hard to get payed for overtime that is not documented.

The Correction Officer’s Notebook helps an officer keep out of trouble.  This notebook is the definition of “CYA”.  This is a good companion to the Ultimate Guide to Pepper Spray.



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