The Basics of Beginning Beekeeping | Homestead Basics 3

There is a lot of information needed to be a successful beekeeper, and without having access to a local bee keeping club that holds classes it can be hard to know what to do. This basic guide is enough to get you started and covers setting up your first beehive all the way to harvesting your first batch of honey.

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The Basics of Beginning BeekeepingThe Basics of Beginning Beekeeping is a practical guide written from the perspective of a beekeeper with 7 years of experience with beehives in a suburban front yard.

This book is a little different than most beekeeping books, as the goal is to build a setup that requires little interaction by replicating natural and organic methods as much as possible.

This guide to backyard beekeeping covers things like:

  • Why small cell bees
  • How to control hive beetles without chemicals
  • How to paint and seal a hive
  • How to move your hive
  • How to assemble frames
  • What are the essential tools for beekeeping
  • DIY equipment
  • How to install your bees in a new hive
  • How to harvest honey
  • and much more …

The handbook is suited to new beekeepers and those wanting ideas for simple DIY equipment to make your backyard hive more efficient.

Get this guide now to make your bee keeping dreams a reality.

Author Note

To be honest, I did not get into beekeeping for the bees, I got into beekeeping because I wanted the honey to make mead and melomels as described in my book The Basics of Making Homemade Wine and Vinegar. I also wanted the wax to make candles and lip balms.

However, after getting the bees and watching them fly in and out of their hives I found it was peaceful and I began to enjoy the bees for themselves and not what they could give me.


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