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The Basics of Cooking Meat is a quick guide. However, it has over 20 chapters covering all manner of meat cooking, advice on grilling, barbecue techniques, DIY equipment, and recipes. It even holds a great recipe for Alabama White Sauce, which is so good some people think it is an unacceptable BBQ sauce, but that is just because they are jealous they don’t know the recipe.

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The Basics of Cooking MeatDo you want grill, barbecue, or cure bacon like a champion?

The Basics of Cooking Meat is a practical guide written by a three-time award winning BBQ pit master. That is not a lot, but the Author has only entered three contests.

This book shares simple yet practical knowledge which covers a variety of techniques for cooking meat.

This guide to grilling meat covers things like:

  • How to Make Meatloaf on a Stick
  • Easy Meatloaf using Stuffing
  • How to Make Your Own Meat Curing Chamber
  • How to Make and Use a Discada (a.k.a a Cowboy Wok)
  • Outdoor Food Safety
  • How to Make and Use a Trash Can Cold Smoker
  • How to Make and Cure Salt Pork and Bacon
  • How to Distil Cold Smoke Liquid
  • How to Cook a Great Steak without a Grill
  • How to Use the Touch Test to Determine Steak is Doneness
  • How to Make Jerky and Slim Jims
  • My Recipe for Competition Butter Bath Chicken Thighs
  • and a whole lot more …

The handbook is suited to anyone that wants to learn to cook on fire like their ancestors. Not only does it have some great recipes, but it also contains simple DIY equipment to make your backyard cooking simple and easy.

Get this guide now to up your grill game.

Author Note

I love smoking and curing my own meats. As a red-blooded southern veteran, I must have bacon and BBQ on a regular basis or I go into withdrawal…

Seriously, cooking meat over fire is primal and it is a skill that every man (and woman) should have in their repertoire. I don’t give away all my competition secrets in this short document, but I do give enough that a person can seriously up their cooking skill level.


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