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There is a lot of information packed into The Basics of Food Preservation. David Nash has spent decades developing and learning new techniques to be better equipped to ensure his family never has to suffer from hunger. Whither you are worried about a global catastrophe, a natural disaster, or just losing your job, having a well-stocked pantry gives a peace of mind that is well worth the effort.

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The Basics of Food PreservationDo you want to learn how to food but don’t quite know where to begin?

The Basics of Food Preservation is a practical guide from the experience of a lifelong self-reliance advocate.

This book shares simple yet practical knowledge which covers essential food preservation techniques.

This guide to food preservation contains information on things like:

  • Basics of Water Bath Canning
  • Basics of Pressure Canning
  • How to Dry Can in an Oven
  • How to Pickle Foods
  • How to Make Simple Jams and Jellies
  • Recipes for all of the above …

The handbook is suited those interested in learning how to can and otherwise preserve food.

Get this guide now to start down the road to better culinary preparedness.

Author Note

Over the years I have tried all manner of recipes and ideas for preserving food. Many of these were covered in the traditionally published 52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Preppers. This is a shorter work that is more focused on the basics of food preservation. In this work there are instructions on how to can as well as specific recopies to allow you to practice your newfound skills.


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