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There is a lot of information packed into The Basics of Food Storage.  Food Preservation covered DIY Food preservation techniques, while this work is more about building up a sustainable pantry of staples.  Regardless, David Nash has spent decades developing and learning new techniques to be better equipped to ensure his family never has to suffer from hunger. Whither you are worried about a global catastrophe, a natural disaster, or just losing your job, having a well-stocked pantry gives a peace of mind that is well worth the effort.

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The Basics of Food StorageDo you want to start storing food but don’t quite know where to begin?

The Basics of Food Storage is a practical guide from the experience of a lifelong self-reliance advocate.

This book shares simple yet practical knowledge which covers all aspects of starting a food storage program.

This guide to food storage has over 25 chapters covering things like:

  • How to Build Emergency Food Storage for Only $10 A Week
  • Types of Food Storage Systems and Options
  • How to Make Your Freezer Last Without Electricity
  • How to Use Mylar Bags for Bulk Food Storage
  • How to Vacuum Seal Food Without a Machine
  • Long-Term Water Storage: Tips for Storing Water for Disasters
  • Wheat Grinding Basics: Types of Wheat Grinders
  • How to Make Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • and much more …

The handbook is suited to preppers and homesteaders and those just wanting ideas for simple DIY solutions to become a little more ready for disasters.

Author Note

Over the years I have tried all manner of way to increase my stored food supply to enhance my family’s safety. I have spent a ton of money on gimmicks and inventions as well as expensive gourmet food. I now settle on a hybrid system based on the inexpensive staples in the LDS food storage system backed up by a deep larder pantry of foods my family eats daily. This gives me a lot of bang for the buck and know that you could do much worse than the systems described in this document.


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