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The Basics of Make Ahead Mixes holds tried and true mixes to enhance the speed and frugality of nightly meals. It takes the chore out of cooking.

No matter if you are a prepper looking to have food you can seal and store for disasters, or a soccer mom hesitant to serve fast food every night, there is a make ahead mix that can help you out.

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The Basics of Make Ahead MixesDo you want to save money and still have simple and great tasting meals?

The Basics of Make Ahead Mixes is a practical guide that shares several time tested recipes for make ahead mixes that enhance a prepper’s food storage options, saves time for the busy parent trying to get food on the table, and helps a frugal cook save money.

This book shares simple yet practical knowledge which the author uses weekly in his own home.

This guide to mixes covers the basics like:

  • Turning Powdered Milk into Whole Milk
  • How to Make Butter with Powdered Milk
  • How to Make a Delicious Brownie Mix
  • How to Make Magic Mix
  • How to Make the Perfect Taco Seasoning
  • How to Make a cost effective and easy Brown Gravy Mix
  • Plus much more …

The handbook is suited to those with a busy lifestyle, or those that just like to try new things in the kitchen. These simple to make DIY dry mixes will save you money and keep you fed.

Get this guide now to make your school night dinners even easier.

Author Note

I love cooking, and I love trying new things. These make ahead mixes allow me to do both while still saving time and money in the kitchen.

My seven-year-old loves the brownie mix, and we have a lot of fun trying new additions to the mix. He likes adding cookie dough over it, I like adding blackberries. I have learned that you can’t add both at the same time.



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