The Basics of Making Homemade Wine and Vinegar | Homestead Basics 5

After several years of making wine from anything with sugar or starch David Nash shares some tried and true techniques and a couple of recipes that will allow almost anyone to experience the joy of home brewed wine and other products of fermentation.

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The Basics of Making Homemade Wine and VinegarDo you want to make your own wine but don’t know where to start?

What about making your own vinegar or fermented hot sauces?

The Basics of Making Homemade Wine and Vinegar is a practical guide, from a family that had made hundreds of gallons of wines and vinegars over a decade of urban homesteading.

This book shares simple yet practical knowledge which covers the basics you need to be successful in-home fermentation.

This guide to kitchen winemaking covers things like:

  • The basic steps to make wine (including recipes)
  • How to inexpensively bottle and cork wine
  • How to turn leftover wine into artisanal vinegars
  • How to test and store your vinegar
  • How to make mead and melomel
  • How to ferment peppers for an unbelievable hot sauce
  • and much more …

The handbook is suited to home cooking enthusiasts wanting ideas for simple DIY home brew. This hobby does not have to be expensive or complicated to give you lots of enjoyment from simple wine recipes.

Get this guide now to learn how to make your own wine at home.

Author Note

I first learned to make wine by confiscating home brew from inmates at a state prison. If an incarcerated felon can make wine with garbage bags and smuggled cake and bread, I was convinced I could make good tasting quality wine without a lot of hassle or expense.

After a little experimentation I was right. Making homemade wine does not need fancy yeast or expensive equipment. Sure, as you get deeper in the hobby better equipment will allow you greater flexibility, but with less than $20 invested into basic equipment you can make a drinkable table wine to enjoy with your friends.


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