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This Little Bullet: John Wayne’s Forgotten Firearm Safety Video

John Wayne Firearm
This Little Bullet

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I found This Little Bullet which is a hidden gem in the gun safety world yesterday while looking for a new John Wayne movie on Amazon Prime – I made WT watch the cowboys last week, and not only was it the first movie my 6 year old sat through in its entirety, he has been begging to re-watch the movie where the “little boys have jobs”.

The Internet Movie Database description hits the nail on the head:

This gun safety film starring John Wayne is as timely and appropriate today as it was 40 years ago.

The little bullet in the film may not look very powerful.  However, when inserted into a modern day gun can tear your arm or leg off.

John Wayne informs you of the serious trouble one can get into when guns are not handled properly.  However, guns can provide a lifetime of shooting sport and enjoyment.  You know how to handle them.

This video was produced by the Information and Education Division of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

If you know me at all, you know how deeply I care about kid safety, especially around guns.  Having a little one in my house has changed how I store my guns.  Additionally, it has taught me a lot about how kids think.

My boy think he is a expert in firearms because he plays first person shooter games on the computer .  So showing him what a gun can really do is quite useful.

This video is old and dated, but WT was glued to the screen and when it was over he wanted to get out his cricket .22 and teach his mom about gun safety.

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