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3 Popular Reasons People Carry Backup Guns

3 Popular Reasons People Carry Backup Guns

One of the decisions you must make when you carry defensively is whether you’ll carry a secondary weapon. Know your local laws regarding carrying a backup gun before you invest in one for yourself. Find out three popular reasons people carry a backup gun.

1. In Case Your Primary Becomes Inaccessible

Holstering your backup gun in another carry position increases the likelihood you have an accessible firearm. Having a gun on more than one area of your body means you have different places you can access in case of an emergency.

Many people use waistband carry for their primary weapon and keep their secondary weapon on their thigh or ankle. If your attacker pins you in a bad position or wounds you, you’ll appreciate having another place to draw from. That’s why one of the most practical uses for a concealed ankle holster is to carry a backup gun.

2. In Case of Primary Weapon Failure

Another popular reason people have for carrying backup guns is to have a useable firearm if the primary weapon fails. It’s unlikely your primary weapon will fail, but if it does and you don’t have a backup weapon, you will need to find alternative methods to defend yourself.

At times, your primary weapon might only be temporarily out of commission. Rather than devoting time during an emergency to adjusting your primary weapon, you might opt to immediately use your backup firearm instead.

3. In Case Your Primary Runs Out of Ammo

After training and developing strong familiarity with their guns and holsters, some people elect to carry loaded weapons. If you find yourself in a situation where your primary weapon runs out of ammo, you could spend time reloading. However, you could reach for your secondary weapon instead to save time.

Primary guns with lower ammo capacities also increase the likelihood you’ll need to reload. If you’re concerned about this, consider carrying a backup gun.

Whether you carry a backup firearm or not, always familiarize yourself with your holster, gun, and carry position. Practice using your firearm efficiently and safely so that you can protect yourself and others in a hazardous scenario.

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