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Tennessee Gun Round LogoI am not an expert, a guru, or a mad genus.

You should take nothing at face value.  You should place no higher trust than what you KNOW to be true.  Thats a pretty honest disclaimer.

That being said, understand that I don’t do How-To I do How-I-Did.  I neither want to here a bunch of “That ain’t right” nor “I did exactly what you did and something bad happened”

Firstly, it ain’t right for you.  I kinda liked it.

Secondly, I told you not to do what I do, you are not me.

Wait, I haven’t told you not to do what I do?  Well don’t do what I do.

I admit, I once I stuffed a 6 inch thick binder full of certifications I quit keeping track of pieces of paper. I have an education in what I am doing here.  Some of that education comes from formal school, the rest from hard won experience.

When I jury rig something I know how and why it was rigged, and I have either taken precautions or I am making an informed decision.

Here is my disclaimer: I know firearms, its my specialty, but everything else here is dodgy…

If you don’t follow this disclaimer, its not my fault and if you whine I’m gonna say “atodaso”.  Don’t sue me, I anything I got worth taking is already took.