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Advice for Planning the Perfect Fly-Fishing Trip

Advice for Planning the Perfect Fly-Fishing Trip

Some of the best times you’ll ever have with a group of friends can be out on fishing trips. A few days cut off from the rest of the world, out in nature, cutting loose. What more could you ask for? With this simple advice for planning the perfect fly-fishing trip, you can make sure that this next vacation is the one you’ll reminisce about for years to come.

Go to a New Spot

Typically, when planning a trip with friends, someone in the group has a place they’ve been before that they want to share with the group. Then, someone else has a different spot in mind that they like. But, when you decide to splurge on a trip, consider going to a location no one’s been to before. You can catch different fish and explore new areas. When you go somewhere new, it’s an adventure.

Pick the Right Season

There are two worst times to be out fishing, tourist season and blow-out season. Waterways can get so crowded with anglers during the tourist season that there aren’t any quality spots. Everywhere will have a different tourist season depending on their weather and local fish population, so you’ll have to research potential destinations. The river blow-out season is between April to July. This is when rivers swell from all the melted snow, making them unfishable.

Therefore, you want to find those perfect sweet spots in the season where the waters are clear of mud, ice, and people. If you have a particular window in which the trip must happen, look at the best places to visit that time of the year, then pick

Also, if you’re up north for the winter, you’ll probably want to head south to find warmer waters. There are some great spots to go fly-fishing in Florida, such as Key West. These will have spectacular weather year-round. Minnesota might be great for ice fishing in January, but good luck fly-fishing.

Hire a Guide for Your First Day

Even if you’re an experienced caster, you need someone to show you around the local spots when heading to a new city. Otherwise, you’ll need to rely on the untrustworthy advice of online messages boards to steer you toward an excellent fishing hole. The experienced angler can also recommend bait shops to visit, and if you’re lucky, they’ll take you to actual local hideouts where you can catch the big ones.

With this advice for planning the perfect fly-fishing trip, you and your friends can have a unique new experience where you catch a bunch of fish.

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