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Different Ways You Can Prevent Metals From Rusting

Different Ways You Can Prevent Metals From Rusting

In no time at all, rust can become a significant problem. It decreases the functionality of machinery and degrades the stability of metal. Replacing metals can become costly, so it’s vital to know how to avoid it. Here are different ways you can prevent metals from rusting that are cost-effective and simple.

Paint the Metal

Applying a coat of paint is a simple yet effective way to prevent rusting which will significantly reduce moisture from reaching the metals. Paint coatings cannot stop the moisture altogether, but they will slow the rust. This would be an ideal solution for things you’re looking to refinish.

Selecting the proper paint is critical as it must adhere to the metals. If you anticipate excessive moisture will contact the metals, consider an oil-based paint rather than a water-soluble paint. It’s also critical to pay attention to crevices, joints, and bolts; weakness in the paint will lead to rusting in these areas, damaging the entire unit.


One of the most affordable ways to prevent metals from rusting is galvanizing. The process of galvanizing something involves applying a protective coating of zinc over the steel or iron. Because the corrosion rate of zinc is significantly slower than iron by about 30 times, galvanizing is one of the most effective ways to prevent rust.

There are limitations to galvanizing a metal, however. Zinc cannot withstand certain environmental influences like salt or acid rain. The process can also change the external appearance of the metals. It’s also best to consider weighing the differences between galvanized and stainless steels if your budget allows.


Blueing applies a high heat salt solution that’s similar to rust but far less damaging. The result is a layer of black iron oxide or magnetite, and the metals reflect a blue or black appearance. This is a common and economical practice for protecting firearms from rust.

Apply Dry Coating

There are products on the market specifically designed to prevent and deter rust. A dry coat acts similarly to oil but creates a firm grip and maintains cleanliness. These are applicable in various ways, like spraying, dipping, or washing. Once the coating is dry and the barrier is intact, the prevention process begins.

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