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Essential Heavy Equipment All Farmers Need

Essential Heavy Equipment All Farmers Need

Over 80 percent of this country’s food supply comes from farms or ranches. In fact, the gross domestic product includes farming in its market value. Needless to say, we would not be living the life we are accustomed to if it wasn’t for our farmers. But what do they all need to fill our bellies with their goods? Here is the essential heavy equipment all farmers need.

Pickup Truck

Every farmer can accomplish more of their day-to-day tasks with a pickup truck. The truck’s versatility gives it a leg up on other vehicles like the SUV because the bed allows for easy transport of feed, wood, sod, and other necessary supplies.

If you are concerned that some items may get wet, put a topper over the cargo bed to shield things from the elements. Additionally, it’s an ideal resource to get your smaller animals around the town.

Utility Vehicle

It helps to zoom around your land with a vehicle other than your truck when on the farm. That’s where the utility vehicle comes into play. If you are only looking for some wheels to quickly get from point A to point B, an ATV will do the trick.

For something utilitarian, the best approach is getting a utility vehicle, particularly if you attach a cargo box to its back. A UTV’s design lets you get to places your truck can’t reach, making them a crucial piece of equipment.

Compact Tractor

For a smaller farm around 60 acres, you might get away with only having a truck and a utility vehicle. On the other hand, large farms over 150 acres require other assets like the compact utility tractor.

A compact tractor is what the name implies: a tractor that does all the tasks of a regular tractor but is smaller. Plus, there are several ways you can customize your compact tractor to do several jobs around the land. This one piece of equipment can act as your lawnmower, aerator, and mulch finisher if you combine the proper attachments.

Lawn Tractor

Generally speaking, a lawn tractor is a larger riding mower. A compact tractor is excellent for mowing through large amounts of land. However, the lawn around your home needs the delicate touch of a lawn tractor.

Although, it’s a lot more resourceful, seeing as it works as a compact tractor but on your lawn. Thus, if you pride yourself on having an immaculate yard accompanying your farmland, a lawn tractor is worth the investment.


Buying a trailer to attach to your pickup truck is crucial for your livestock that’s not as easily transportable. If you don’t own a trailer, it can be a hassle to rent or find a generous friend that will let you borrow it. Furthermore, it’s valuable for other things unrelated to the farm. For example, a trailer makes any move more manageable, especially for furniture and beds.

Owning a farm takes a lot of hard work. But investing in the essential heavy equipment all farmers need will improve the quality of your land. Also, it can be a blast to hop on one of these juggernauts.

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