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Ways To Protect Your Belongings From Bears

Ways To Protect Your Belongings From Bears

If you’ve ever dealt with a bear clawing into your food, house, or dumpster, you know they can cause a lot of damage. Bears are a lot less charming when their curiosity ruins your belongings. Learn a few ways to protect your belonging from bears and remember to appreciate these dangerous creatures from a distance.

Food Storage

Hiking, camping, or traveling with food is an invitation for bears to rummage. Ask campground management if they can supply safe storage for your food. Some campgrounds provide metal lockers secured to the ground. If you frequently move while camping, invest in bear canisters. They are easy to transport, and tooth and claw resistant. You should store these canisters away from your campsite, or tie them to a tree.


It’s no secret that bears have a keen sense of smell. If you have bird feeders, regularly clean the fallen seeds underneath them. When the bears come out of hibernation, it’s time to put the birdseed away. If you have pets, keep them and their food inside. Even a single dropped treat can bring the bears your way. Put your garbage out as close to pickup time as possible. Invest in a bear-resistant trash container or a separate storage area. If you own a business that needs a large garbage bin or dumpster, there are several ways to protect your dumpster from snooping animals.


Proper fencing can keep your home, business, and belongings safe. Fencing off areas is one of the best ways to protect your belonging from bears. Don’t worry; an electric fence won’t harm the animal. It will, however, shock them enough to prevent intrusions. The materials required are a 12-volt marine battery or 110-volt household current, an energizer, fence posts, a grounding rod, and steel wire. Reach out to a professional if you are not confident about setting up and electric fence yourself.

Prevent the unfortunate case of bears getting into your belongings. Not only can bears damage your belongings but they can put your safety at risk, too. Remember to appreciate these beautiful animals while still using safety measures.

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