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What Should You Do When the Roof Is Leaking?

What Should You Do When the Roof Is Leaking?

Roofs do what they can to protect your home from storms and unpredictable weather. On occasions, water might leak through and enter the home.

There are a wide range of causes for a leaky roof: missing shingles, deteriorating roofing materials, and blocked gutters. Continue reading to learn about what you should do when the roof is leaking so that you can better protect your home and family.

Protect Interior Items

The water leaks through the ceiling and down below onto important interior items. Do your best to move furniture and other valuable items that are in the water’s path. This is the best way to minimize further damage from the leak. If you have a plastic tarp handy, you can protect items by covering them up.

If you feel that the leak will only worsen with time, consider moving items household items even farther from the leak. This will guarantee that in case the leak gets worse, you did your best to protect as many items as possible.

Capture the Water

Use an absorbent towel to soak up as much water as you can from the floor and various items. Then, place a bucket underneath the leak. Keep watch of the leak to empty the bucket, then put it back in place so that it doesn’t overflow.

If you’re able, place a tarp underneath the bucket to limit water damage on the floor.

Safely Examine the Damage

You see the leak dripping through the ceiling, but where is it coming from? If you’re comfortable investigating the damage on your own, remember to check the attic and the crawlspace. You can also go outside to take a glance at the roof. See if there is any obvious damage.

If the weather conditions or the roof appears unsafe, do not attempt to go on the roof to explore.

Contact a Professional

Depending on the damage, things can get out of hand quickly. Follow these tips for what to do when the roof is leaking until you cannot contain it any longer. Allowing water damage to the roof can lead to more costly repairs and develop mold.

Contact a professional roofing company to examine the damage. They will help determine if you should repair or replace your roof and give you their advice on how to most efficiently resolve the issue.

Roofs are strong and sturdy, but they can falter over time. With the help of a professional, you can find a resolution in no time!

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