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Why Spring Is the Best Season To Purchase a Golf Cart

Why Spring Is the Best Season To Purchase a Golf Cart

Have you ever considered owning a personal golf cart? Maybe you frequent the golf course enough to warrant this investment. Perhaps you seek a comfortable way to silently hunt prey, with plenty of space to bring your meats home for dinner. Heck, maybe you already own one and are absolutely thrilled with it.

There are so many benefits to buying this alternative method of transportation, including affordability, customization, and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Here’s why spring is the best season to purchase a golf cart.

Inventory Is High

Spring is the time of year when golf cart inventory is highest. Dealerships and aftermarket sellers know that the presence of nicer weather means more people are hunting, golfing, and participating in outdoor activities. Manufacturers release new models in the winter, arriving at dealerships around March and April. If you want a wider selection to shop from, now’s the best time to go out and explore, since you can find a great deal on the secondhand market from eager sellers.

Perfect Weather for Carting

Golf carts are like convertibles – they’re vehicles best suited for warmer seasons. Sure, you can modify a cart to withstand the brutal realities of the winter, but they’re far more enjoyable in the spring and summer. Clearer roads and surfaces free of snow, branches, and ice make your cart safer to drive. Additionally, it’s nice to have a zippy, fast mode of transportation, especially on ssweltering days. Slap on a quality tarp exterior to stay dry in early spring, when the weather is most unpredictable.

Time for Tinkering

Ultimately, the best aspect of owning a personal cart is the ability to customize it. Golf carts are highly modifiable, with a massive selection of parts available through dealerships, 3rd party vendors, and the aftermarket sector. As the weather warms, it’s the perfect time to roll your cart outside for seasonal tune-ups and checks. Make your coach stand out with performance and personality-boosting modifications.

Here are some quick tips for finding the best personal golf cart:

  • Do a LOT of research online, comparing different brands and models.
  • Focus on finding the features that matter the most to you, such as performance, comfort, size, and customizability.
  • Visit dealerships, both online and in-person, to test them out before purchasing.
  • Finally, do a quick search of similar models on secondhand marketplaces – chances you can find a quality cart at a killer deal.

Now that you know why spring is the best season to purchase a golf cart, nothing is holding you back anymore!

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