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10 Amazing Father-Son Bonding Activities

We live in a busy world. Devoted parents spend a lot of time working to provide the best they can for their children. It might seem different from the little ones, but most parents would rather spend time with them than go to work every day. However, since it is the way it is, here is a couple of father-son bonding activities, without going too far out of your way.

Teach Them to Use Tools

Share the traditional image of having a man around the house. Include your son in your next DIY project. It can be anything from fixing a leaking tap, to building a piece of furniture. Teach them to use the basic tools. Regardless of what some may believe, being handy is still a valuable set of skills. The best thing is that this type of creative work is something your son will enjoy a lot.

Build Toys Together

This is another opportunity to bond over a DIY project. This time you can create something that has a value to your child. Start with a simple project of making a slingshot, or bow and arrows. You can gradually move to something more elaborate such as making cars, boats, or model rockets.

Teach Them a Skill

It’s like riding a bike! There are some essential skills which are never forgotten, once learned. Be the one to teach them those skills. You will have a blast reaching milestones while teaching your child how to ride a bike. He will be incredibly excited once he finally manages to ride it independently. Be there for them when they learn how to swim or drive a car.

Take Him on a Camping Trip

Well, take him on many camping trips. You do not have to go far or stay for too long. It could be just the two of you or the entire family. The girls will make the trip even more fun, and they will not diminish your bonding in any way. As a father, you can teach him how to get firewood, how to start a fire, put up a tent, explore nature etc.

Go Hunting or Fishing

These are perhaps two of the most traditional father-son activities. It involves a day spent in nature working on a mutual goal. The beauty of it is that while you are trying to reach that goal, you have a lot of time for just the two of you. You can fill it with conversation. Share your relevant experiences and ask him about his expectations. These activities create a perfect setting for spontaneous sharing.

Play Golf

You could play any sport, but golf has special connotation. You can watch golf lesson videos together, and get your son involved in the game early. It will help him later in life as it has proven therapeutic effects. He will stay active while spending time socializing. It could be used as a business lunch in form of a game and a place to form connections. For now, it will allow the two of you to connect.

Visit a Sporting Event

It is well-known that sons support their fathers’ favorite teams. Don’t take this away from your child. You could watch a game at home, and you should. However, watching it live is a completely different experience. Share this amazing energy and have something to remember and talk about later.

Enjoy Music Together

You can have fun bridging the generation gap. Ask your son about his favourite bands and take interest in them. Share what you think are classics, but do not insist on anything. Your child is looking for role models for everything in life. Your music is very likely to stick with him and shape his taste. Listening to the music your son enjoys can tell you a lot about his state of mind. If you play an instrument, this is another skill your child shouldn’t miss out on.

Play Games

Play games his way, and play games your way. Anything from board games, to video games, whatever makes your child happy. It is true that life-shaping moments are the most important, but the fun ones also matter.

Find time to enjoy your son’s company. Do not wait to become a grandfather to be a role model and loving support. Let your son know you do not care for him only in a practical way, but also in an emotional way. Find occasions to tell him you love him.


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