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13 Great Deer Hunting Tips and Tricks

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13 Great Deer Hunting Tips and Tricks

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Hunting deer is a fun sport and many people around the world do it. Along with the enthusiasm often new hunters get nothing out of several trips. This is because often times they do not have a grasp on anything about a deer or its territory.

Whenever someone is hunting deer they have to be extra careful as the animals are quite sensitive. There will be tips mentioned below that can come handy whenever someone is going on a hunting tip next time. Also reading about hunting and guns also help to choose a tool that will help them hunt in the most successful way.

Tips that helps in hunting deer:


The first thing would be to make a list before going hunting. One has to fill their bags with the things that is needed in the expedition. Everything from hand warmers, ammo, knife and everything else should be present in the bag. Also check the list several times before finally going on the trip. Staying organized will always help you in having a good hunting experience and eliminates movement while hunting.


Dressing in the winter time becomes essential as well. You wouldn’t want to get frozen in the weather. The best way is to wear warm clothes and layers appropriate for hunting. Also wearing leg warmers and hand warmers help. One should also keep rain gear along with them to be ready in case there is snowfall or rain in the hunting area.

Taking Position:

One has to take the hunting position way before a deer is seen. This helps in adjusting everything and not frightening the deer. Also one should position themselves at the pinch point. These are the places where the deer herd run towards when someone else is shooting at them.

Reducing Human Smell:

Try to smell as clean as possible as deer’s are good sniffers. They can tell human smell and they won’t even get close to you. So restrict yourself to a place and then store your things in a plastic or cloth bag. Refrain from using fragrance items like soap, perfume or body lotions during the hunting expeditions. Also refrain from using the boots in any other activity rather than hunting.

Deducing the Hunting Area:

Limit your area to a small place. You cannot possibly think about hunting long stretches of land at once. 40-80 acres of land where deer is seen frequently will be enough for you to hunt. Try to roam the area and map it for a while to track any game that you can see or feel.

Checking the Weather:

Looking out for weather is also essential. Different kinds of weather like windy, high, pressure, rain or snow can leave an impression on the activity of deer or other games. Like in snow people show up less but deer can be seen quite a bit. This is the best scope for 300 win mag as they are fast and will help you catch the game in just a few minutes. It is best to keep a track of the weather before going on hunting. It can be easily done with hunting and weather apps that are found in smartphones.

Face Paint:

Often people like to wear face paint masks while hunting. But traditional paint is a pain to get rid of. But they can easily make one out of activated charcoal and apply it. It can be removed with water and a little bit of soap later on.

Not Taking a Lunch Break:

In the season almost everyone goes out for lunch. But utilizing that time can bring people to catch their game for the season. They can pack a small lunch and eat it in the premises. The deer will come near the place and walk freely. It would be the best time to shoot at them.

Checking Signs in an Animal that was Shot:

After you shoot an animal wait a while before going for it. As often animals that drop can get up and run. Let it drop and then shoot it once again to make sure that it has gone down. You can then follow up and finish it with a knife or do other necessary things. To feel a reaction people often poke it into its eyes. But do not do that. Instead touch it with a twig to see any reaction for its side. In case if it is alive, the best thing to do its shoot it below its chin.

About Drivers:

Often people hunt in groups and take the help of drivers. But in most cases they reduce the best hunting scope by frightening the deer. So, one can definitely make the use of the drivers but they should also be careful of the ill-effects that they may possess. Positioning yourself in the escape routes can often help you in catching the deer.

Using the Smartphone: The smartphone that one own can become a great help when it comes to hunting. The App stores have different kind of apps relating to hunting season and also to weather in general. Also the GPS helps one to keep track of their area. Also hunting communities have sprung up on the internet who talks about the suitable time, date and place.

Hunting Smartly: Yes hunting is a sport that is meant to be fun but it has to be strategic as well. The people who score all the time has devised good strategies. They may stay away from the group hunter and often do their own thing. So, to be a good hunter one can also test things that work for them.

These are some of the deer hunting tips and tricks that one can use while deer hunting. Everything has to be tested with time to get the best results. Also, being strategic and knowledgeable about hunting yields the best results. If you are looking forward to go deer hunting this season then these tips would definitely come handy.

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