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Prepper Precepts #1 I am a Christian, I Do Not Fear Death

I am a Christian, so I Do Not Live in Fear


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These precepts are my guide stones.  They are always in the back of my mind and help me make decisions and operate consistently.  They are not in any order except the first and the last.  These are my ideals.  My precepts work for me, I share them with the hope they help you too.

As always, take what works, discard what doesn’t – I am not a self proclaimed guru that will hunt you down for disagreement.

I am posting one precept a week as a talking point.  It is my hope to have some lively comments and conversations. Also I think each concept is important in its own right and I don’t want any individual idea to be drowned out by a “cooler” concept.So here is my first and foremost Precept:

I am a Christian, so I do not have to live in fear of death.

Life may be hard and may end badly, but my future is assured.

Rules of Civility: The 110 Precepts that Guided Our First President in War and Peace

These precepts are my creed, and having prepper precepts guides me when I face tough choices.  A wise man once told me that when facing a moral problem, the right choice is usually the action you don’t want to take.

I am not a pollyanna person that is wishy washy or blindly follows rules, heck I have a little rebellious streak and love to know the WHY of rules, but I do respect and understand the need for law and know how vital it is for a society to have a moral code.

By knowing what I believe in you can know how I will act. This is very important in times of stress.  If you don’t want to read these precepts one by one, the completed list can be found here: Completed 27 Prepper Precepts.

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