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Prepper Precepts #18 My Plans are Generic as Possible

My Plans are Generic as Possible


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My plans are generic as possible. In the Emergency Management world that is called “all-Hazards” planning.

I prep and plan for all hazards, and not specific events. How many people bought into the Y2K, and then let their food rot because they felt silly. My food storage is for when I cannot buy groceries.  It does not matter to me that it might be because I lost my job, or I am under quarantine for bird flu.  When I need it, all that matters is I have it, not why I need it.

Spend time working toward solutions that are likely to happen – in my area tornados and floods are more common than ice storms and earthquakes.

Ice Storms and earthquakes are possible here so I do prepare for them, but I try to make plans that are not specific to each of those four threats, but make plans that account for them and any other likely events.

Keep Your Prepper Plans Generic and Suitable for All Hazards

Rules of Civility: The 110 Precepts that Guided Our First President in War and Peace

These precepts are my creed, and having prepper precepts guides me when I face tough choices.  A wise man once told me that when facing a moral problem, the right choice is usually the action you don’t want to take.

I am not a pollyanna person that is wishy washy or blindly follows rules, heck I have a little rebellious streak and love to know the WHY of rules, but I do respect and understand the need for law and know how vital it is for a society to have a moral code.

By knowing what I believe in you can know how I will act. This is very important in times of stress.  If you don’t want to read these precepts one by one, the completed list can be found here: Completed 27 Prepper Precepts.

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