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My Complete List of 27 Prepper Precepts

27 Prepper Precepts Complete
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Thanks for being patient now you can see the complete list of prepper precepts.

This topic is important enough to put it at the top of the site, so tomorrow it will be a page and not just a post.

I have my own moral code that is based on what I think is important, and I follow that more than any rule, law, or policy.

I take pride that anyone that wants to know how I will react to a situation.  If you know me you can normally guess my answer if they understand my basic precepts.

Of course that is only speaking of moral situations not tactical.

27 Prepper Precepts

  1. Because I am a Christian I do not have to live in fear of death.
  2. Don’t Look Forward to SHTF.
  3. Do not live in fear.
  4. Take reasonable precautions based upon my own risk assessments.
  5. Bad things happen.
  6. Don’t deal in conspiracies.
  7. I am the only person in responsible for me.
  8. Avoid ethical spirals
  9. I don’t know everything, and I cannot do everything.
  10. Violence sometimes IS the answer.
  11. Violence is not ALWAYS the answer.
  12. Skills beat stuff.
  13. Be flexible.
  14. Be rigid.  There are absolutes.  justification for being evil.
  15. Be balanced in your life.
  16. Be balanced in your plan.
  17. Charity is important, but charity is not enabling others to be lazy or rewarding bad behaviors.
  18. My plans are generic as much as possible.
  19. Store what you can use, and use what you store.
  20. Have backups.
  21. Cheap is cheap for a reason.
  22. Common sense cannot be legislated.
  23. Gold is nice, but it’s used to buy stuff in the event money is worthless.
  24. It’s better to be home, rather than be a refugee in a shelter.
  25. You have to practice your plan.
  26. Don’t waste.
  27. Think, Learn, Plan, Test, repeat…

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