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5 Best Gun Shooting Bags to Look For In 2018

Range bags have become very popular and handy over the years. They help in transportation and storage for several shooting accessories and handguns.

Well, you might just ask, why not just go for an old bag in your closet? Do you really need a shooting bag? Shooting bags are very important for any shooter or hunter.

They are designed specifically for carrying your ammunition, firearms, and anything else you want to bring along to the range. A shooting bag makes your work easier and enjoyable.

You don’t have to struggle rummaging through your disorganized pocket to reach for your magazines.

If you are thinking of buying the best shooting bag today, this post will guide you about top quality shooting bags.

I’ve compiled a list of the best range bags in different features to help you find one that suits your needs in 2018:

#1: Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch

Gun Shooting Bags
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Do you have plenty of ammunition, firearms and any other tool to take to the range? Well, this is the ultimate bag for you if you are carrying multiple firearms. The Tactical Range Bag is built to give you functionality. Tactical Range Bag is lovely and has plenty of pouches (s). The pouch can carry a lot of knives, magazines, ammo handguns and other tools. It also has a high-quality zipper closure and high-density foam padding to keep your item safe and secure.

The Tactic Bag comes with an inclusive keychain which is attached to the zipper. The quality zippers the material and the stitching are all just fabulous. It has changeable inner partitions to modify main compartments to individual preference. You will also find two inclusive zipper handgun pouches with four magazine pouches in the stern and seven magazine pouches in the front compartment.

Everything is padded so it feels very comfortable with all your handguns inside. The exterior pockets have removable pockets where you can store more items and the Velcro keeps them safe though still removable. The side compartments unzip flat thus giving you a place to rest the guns just in case you need to reload. I highly recommend it!

#2: Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag

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I know you want a hunting bag that will fit your budget. Blackhawk Sportster is a nice shooting bag for hunters. It is of high quality and pocket-friendly. Blackhawk gives you the quality product not forgetting the quality of the pouches, weapon cases, pistol rugs to the bags.

Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Hunting Range Bag is made of top-notch denier polyester which is durable. It has inner open cell foam and dual-density foam to protect your weapons from the impact. The bag features eight interior pockets where you can keep mags and two interior pockets which can carry two handguns. It also has one slash pocket and three dual compartments zippered and huge. The bag has numerous inner pockets which hold accessories and help in organizing your magazines too. The pistol pouch which is removable has soft fabric that assists in the protection of the firearms. You are assured of durability since the hunting bag has heavy seam bidding with several locked stitching rows. As for the weight support, the Blackhawk Sportster deluxe range hunting bag has tactical web handles. The shoulder straps make it very easy to carry around, and this bag has room for almost everything that you have.

#3: 5.11 Tactical Range Bag

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This is the most impressive bag around. It includes all the features that you need from a range bag. It can store everything that you have and is engineered as the best shooting bags today. It has eight magazines stores with zipping down front organizer and padded shoulder straps that allow comfy carriage. The roomy side pockets offer enough space for the ear protection and accessories. It has a removable brass tote that makes cleaning up a snap.

5.11 Tactical Range Bag has a hydration pocket that keeps you engrossed and fresh and the detachable ammo tote which ensures you are fully loaded and locked. This bag offers multiple pistols which are ample for all the rounds you’ll need. It doesn’t matter whether you have a partner with you or alone. It is comfortable since it has a shoulder strap which is removable and handles which a properly secured.

#4: G.P.S Tactical Range Backpack

That is right a backpack! But not just any regular backpack it’s a tactic range backpack. The backpack comes packed with so many features and benefits that shooter love. It has enough pockets for storing your items and for easy repossession. G.P.S tactical range backpack is just the right backpack for safety and packing of your shooting gear. It is made of materials which are durable and the best that there is to ensure a high-quality.

It has triple stitched MOLLE webbing that adds to the durability of the bag. If you have some lunch water bottle and spare mugs, this is the bag for you. It keeps all the stuff within reach. For its rigidity, it has an internal frame (honeycomb) and high-quality stitching. You can also mount your ID or anything else on the Velcro that is in the top rear. When it comes to stability, it has a waist strap which is padded. You can load all the weight you have to this bag it is perfect for all your range trips. I know most of you are not that much organized and what this kit does for you is a plus advantage. It keeps all your stuff organized. You also don’t have to go for your things at the bottom everything is neatly kept within reach.

#5: Blackhawk Pistol Range Bag Sportster Bag Black Nylon 74RB02BK

Gun Shooting Bags
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The Blackhawk Pistol Range is a high-quality range bag which you can also consider. It is super easy to carry and compact enough to move from the car to the range. It also has plenty of room for all your essentials. This product is pocket-friendly and packed with many amazing features. It is made from 600 Denier Polyester which is durable.

Another notable feature of this shooting bag is the standard maintenance-free coil zippers which are self-healing and heavy-duty. If you want to carry smaller items and mugs, there are two exterior slash pockets where you can keep the items. With its excellent zippers that open very smoothly and its jagged complexion, you have it all. And space more than enough to carry your hearing protectors, several handguns, and has plenty of remaining room for your ammo too.

The bag is just excellent for its price. You have plenty of choice with it because you can choose only to leave it unzipped and just toss in your guns. This is a bag of excellent value will last for years and is sturdy.


Well, there you have it. The wide range of the best shooting gun bags in 2018. What do you need to consider when selecting one? Only how much ammunition do you take with you to the range? How many handguns do you require with you? And finally how long do you stay in the field and how many times do you go there? After you have considered all these factors you will be left with what suits your necessities best.

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