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5 Home Improvement Projects You Should Tackle Now

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The same old look can get boring for the eyes. Upgrades and updates are essential every once in a while. So, while your computer is getting an upgrade and you also plan a wardrobe update for spring, don’t leave your home behind. Home improvement projects will only add to your comfort.

Another encouraging plus point is that the invested amount goes directly into the house by enhancing its value. 75 to 80 cents of all that you are going to spend on these projects go back to your home. Also, Doing It Yourself is a good means to move your muscles. The harsh winters might have jammed your tendons. Thus, the efforts you will employ will not only get the blood jogging steadily in your veins but also boost your energy and mood.

Besides, according to HomeAdvisor’s 2017 True Cost Survey, spending on home improvement has swelled. The average homeowner spent around $5,157 on home projects in the past year. That’s almost a 7% increase in expenditure in this section. The report also indicates that two-thirds of the homeowners intend to spend the same amount or more on home maintenance.

So, why not group with these individuals, as now is the best time to get into these projects? Here is a look at five home improvement projects that you should tackle now:

Brighten up your home

Since sunlight fails to illuminate your house at night, you can always add more lights in rooms where you tend to spend your maximum time. Invest in new ceiling fans, lights, and lamps. Or, you can simply replace old shades instead of getting new lamps, which is a cost-effective approach to a new look.

Olga Adler, an interior designer who operates Olga Adler Interiors, advises, “Changing a chandelier in the dining room can make [the room] go from really dated to fabulous. When you swap your chandelier and your window treatments, you’ve got a new room.”

In the long haul, you can save money with this move too by replacing the lights with energy-efficient bulbs. LED bulbs come in the disguise of contemporary and decorative styles, so they can help to set a stylish home.

Declutter and make space

A cluttered house is a big ‘no.’ Previously, you had the excuse of freezing fingers to procrastinate cleaning up the mess. But, it’s high time you took up this project. There are two attractive reasons for decluttering here and now.

Firstly, the strewn mess leaves a poor health impact on you without hitting your realization notes. Cramped, outdated or cluttered home induces depressed feelings that sip on your energy. On the flip side, a bright and spacious home promotes serenity. So, you need to get moving.

Secondly, clearing the odds and ends gives the house a spacious look, which leaves a long-lasting impression on the buyers. You can start by categorizing things between those things that you need and those that you don’t. Sell or donate unwanted items. Alternatively, you can box random belongings and stash them up in the store or under your bed.

Add greenery to your patio

If you already have a lawn that has had a horrible previous season, you need to work on it immediately. Reviving your garden is an exciting home improvement project. You can start with removing weeds, leveling the soil, and finally fertilize and seed. A green and colorful lawn is an instant appeal, both for you and the guests.

Research shows that green stretches improve the quality of life and boost health and well-being. James B Beard Ph.D., chief scientist at the International Sports Turf Institute, opines, “Most homeowners don’t realize noise and air pollution are reduced in most suburban areas because the grass ecosystem serves as a natural filter for the environment.”

However, if you don’t have a lawn, you can always dot your patio with potted plants. The brightly colored plants chip in an appealing landscape that sits at your home’s door. Pursue the Hi-Lo Flow Rule for decorating the plants. Arrange the tall pants or vines in the back, short ones in the middle, and grace the front with cascading plants.

Add life to your bookshelves

Cluttered bookshelves, with books piled on top of one another, can be an eyesore. For one, a good bookshelf is a something to brag about and an interest to boast. Secondly, you cannot ignore the shelves as part of your DIY home improvement task.

Moreover, this assignment isn’t time-consuming or a money-muncher. Even if you want to invest in a new bookshelf, that’s not a very costly option. Replicating a shelf with old wine cards is also an open DIY option. Alternatively, you can try stacking books horizontally and vertically. To add to the arrangement, pop some picture frames that personalize the shelf. Bold-color accessories can also serve as great bookends.

To give your bookshelf a mod look, you can line up a few, same-sized books in the company of metallic décor and vases. With such an arrangement, the shelf is left with plenty of space that allows the accessories to get the spotlight. Don’t forget to color-coordinate the entire look.

Repaint to add color 

Although painting does not limit itself to a particular season, spring is the best time to undertake the painting business. Indoor paint dries optimally between 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which automatically holds spring the champion time for painting.

You’ll just have to throw the window open so that the fresh breeze handles the paint drying task. The color is your shot to call, as a matter of preference, specifically, in the case of bold shades. Typically, real estate agents follow one color mantra, “If you want to sell your home, paint your rooms beige.”

Hence, if you’re aiming at improving your home’s value, opt for neutral colors that spark buyer’s interest. In the other case, know that color feeds your psychology. For instance, light blue has a calming effect, and yellow, in the right doses, can amp up your energy.

All these home improvement projects are simple and cost-conservative. They also add value to your home so you can manage these without further ado.

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