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6 Survival Items Every Hunter Should Use

6 Survival Items Every Hunter Should Use
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As a hunter, there are items that you should never go hunting without. These tools are important whether as a newbie or a seasoned hunter.

This is because no one can be absolutely sure of what will happen while in the field. While hunting, many things can happen. Among the most common things are bad weather, accidents in the wild as well as other emergencies. All these can reduce your chances of success when hunting.

To be able to able to achieve your targets, you need to know the right tools that will be necessary when hunting. In this article, we shall look at some of the best survival items that as a hunter, you should have.


The knife should rank top on your list of items that you intend to pack for hunting. This is because there are many things that you can do with a knife. The type of knife that you choose to go with should be made of high-quality material.

Make sure that you can cut anything of whichever texture without it folding. Also, you ensure that the knife is well sharpened before you go. You can use the knife among other things, cut meat as you prepare meals in the wild. Also, you can prepare ropes that you can use to tie the kill, protect yourself from dangerous animals that might reach you without noticing among many other things. The knife should be as close to you as possible. You should not put it in a different bag from the one you are carrying on your back.


For every hunter carrying a backpack is mandatory.

This is because many of the tools that you will be carrying will be put in the backpack.

But even as you consider which backpack you should carry, you need to have in mind the fact that you need to be light for you to walk faster.

This will mean that the backpack needs to be of a considerable weight which does not weigh too much on you.

Remember that when the backpack is too heavy, your chances of success are equally reduced.

As because you might not be able to move with speed when pursuing game.

At the same time, if you are heavily loaded, you might get very tired even before you reach your destination.



This is another very useful item that any good hunter would not forget to carry. The functions of a cord are many. One can use it to build a shelter, secure loads to the backpack, tie splint, climbing down from steep areas among many more things. You should ensure that you have carried accord of proper length. Hunting experts recommend that one should carry at least 50 meters of the cord if he intends to be successful in the field.


Spotting scope

As a hunter, you need a tool that will make your work easier while in the wild. You do not have to strain too much when trying to locate game animals to hunt. To be able to spot animals quickly, you need to ensure that you have a spotting scope in your backpack. This is important as it will make it easier for you to spot an animal and quickly take it out without much effort. With a spotting scope, you will be able to locate animals when still far away thus giving you a chance to shoot without them noticing your presence. You need to ensure that the spotting scope is portable and also of high quality.

Mobile phone

In the field, you need to be able to communicate with your partners. This is best done when you carry a mobile phone or two-way radios which will enable you to communicate with ease. Communication is key when hunting as you will be able to communicate strategies on how to quickly locate and shoot a game animal. Also, you will be able to inform each other in the event of danger. Even if you are hunting alone, you should never forget to carry your mobile phone. The reason is you might need help from other people back home.


When one sets out to go hunting, he does not really know for how long he might be out there in the field. It is only prudent for you to remember to carry a blanket that will keep you warm. This is especially important during winter when the weather is generally chilly. The blanket will also be important at night when having a rest after the day’s activities.

In conclusion, therefore, one needs to know some of the best survival items that are necessary when hunting. This article provides a few of them.

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