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A Detailed View of Gun Racks

A Detailed View of Gun Racks

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Ever consider showcasing your guns?

There are hundreds of modern racks specifically designed for the purposes of displaying your guns effectively and keeping them organized.

Types of gun racks:

Vertical racks

Vertical racks offer vertical storage or organization of your guns. These racks display your guns in upright standing position. The level of storage would be equal. They may consist of multiple compartments for storing different guns of different sizes such as pistols, shotgun or rifle.  I built one similar to the picture of the rack sold on Amazon.

Horizontal racks

Horizontal racks store firearms parallel to the floor. These may also hold multiple compartments. The size of different compartments can be same but the level of storage would never be equal.

Wall-mounted rack

Wall mount firearm racks are hung to the wall to display your guns in them. The best benefit is that the height of the rack can be decided by the owner

Rotary stand racks

Rotary gun racks can be called as rotational racks. These stands are based on the technique of providing rotational access to the stored firearms so, gun owners just need to rotate rack and pick the gun.

There are different materials used in the construction of a variety of gun racks. And, each and every material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Rack materials and their pros and cons:


Durability and strength are the two key features of the wood. And, both of these properties make the material extensively used in the construction of wooden gun racks.


Requires very less maintenance

Wooden racks are resilient and need very little maintenance. You simply need to wipe the outer surface of your rack using a high-quality wood cleaner on regular basis.

Rich in aesthetic value

All of you may have some type of wood furniture in your home so, you would be well aware that how aesthetic it is. Similarly, the racks made of wood have a unique appearance, finish, and design. These can give an aesthetic appeal to your home décor.


Some gun racks crafted using low-quality wood so, prone to problems like fungal stains and insects and termites that can destroy them.

Wooden gun racks are not also exposed to the weather conditions such as moisture or rain. Therefore, you can’t place them at the location where these can come in contact with such conditions.


Metal gun racks can also be found in wide range.


Gun racks made of metals are relatively lightweight, durable and not easily breakable because of high physical strength. The finish and look of these racks are also appealing. Unlike wood, these are resistant to heat.


Metallic gun racks are quite expensive as compared to wood. Also, some of the metals used in the construction of these gun racks may not be corrosion resistant.

Magnetic racks

Magnet’s property of attraction is renowned among all the gun manufacturers. Due to this reason, they design various gun racks.


Stronghold- magnetic gun racks hold guns tightly.

In the current times, magnetic gun racks are the most extensively used ones because they are affordable, convenient and hardly have any drawbacks.

In Conclusion

Gun racks undoubtedly play a significant role in the safety and maintenance of heavyweight and expensive firearms. The purposes for buying gun cabinets are different for different gun owners. Some feel pride owning them just for the showcasing their prized guns in a well-organized way whereas others need them for keeping their guns in original conditions and shapes for years to come. Despite individuals purpose and taste, gun racks mainly serve a single purpose i.e. hold your guns.

Over the years, different factors have been the game changers in gun rack manufacturing industries.


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