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Alternative Energy DVD: Book Review

Alternative Energy DVD Book Review

Alternative Energy DVD is $5.00 with free Shipping

Buy at Amazon for $5.00 with Free Shipping

This Alternative Energy DVD contains manuals, plans, information, and DIY projects for sustainable alternative energy production.

This disk is organized and professionally compiled.

Insert the disk, and select the files from its listing.  It is organized by subject and type.  It is not a bunch of PDF files put in multiple folders.  Consequently, the material is easy to find

I really can not say a lot about this DVD.  If you wait long enough every file in it will be offered for free on this website under the downloads category.  However, if you want it all in one spot and under your personal control, then the disk is a great deal.

Certainly, the DVD does not cost a lot of money.  Especially when you consider the value of the content.  Next, shipping is included in the cost.  Then consider that if the internet goes down you have all the material.  Finally, consider the knowledge gained by having full access to the works included.

$5 costs less than a fast food value meal.  Certainly energy independence is worth supersize fries and some reading.

Unlike other compilation DVD’s from unscrupulous sources, our files are not a mismatch of files containing pirated and duplicate material.

Our DVD is organized alphabetically by subject

This disk has information on:

  • Solar
  • MicroHydro
  • Biogas/Methane
  • Woodgas
  • Ethanol
  • Building your own generator

and much much more…

In addition to the great material, the email of our school is included, you can feel free to use it to ask questions.

This DVD works on PC computers and will not load on Mac systems.

This DVD contains the following files:


  • 3 Cubic Meter Biogas Construction Manual.pdf
  • A Chinese Biogas Manual.pdf
  • Application of Biomass-Energy Technologies.PDF
  • BioFuels for Transportation.pdf
  • Biogas and Waste Recycling.pdf
  • Methane Digester Construction Photos & Details.pdf
  • Biogas Fact Sheet.pdf
  • Methane Plants in Animal Husbandry.pdf
  • Biogas Plants in Animal Husbandry1.pdf
  • Methane Production from Penn State.pdf
  • Biogas Systems in India.pdf
  • Methane Technology in the 3rd World.pdf
  • Compost, Fertilizer, and Biogas Production from Human and Farm Waste in China.pdf
  • Design and Operation of a Full-Scale Anaerobic Dairy Manure Digester.pdf
  • Fuel From Farms.pdf
  • Bio Gas From Cow Dung.pdf
  • Gas Bio-Digester Construction for Rural Families.pdf
  • Is Methane Production on Your Homestead Practical.pdf
  • Manure Matters.pdf
  • Methane Digester Production System.pdf
  • Biogas Production Guide.pdf
  • Nepal Biogas Construction Manual.pdf
  • Practical Building of Methane Power Plants.pdf
  • Producing Methane Gas from Effluent.pdf
  • Running a Biogas Programme.pdf
  • The Anaerobic Digestion of Livestock Wastes to Produce Methane.pdf
  • Appleseed Biodiesel Reactor.pdf
  • The Biogas Bio Fertilizer Business Handbook Manual.pdf
  • Tubular Plastic Bio-Digesters.pdf


  • 20 L Reflux Still Instructions.pdf
  • 5 Easy Homebrew Tools.pdf
  • Alcohol Fuel Can You Make Your Own.pdf
  • Moonshine Manufacture.PDF
  • AmazingStill-Instructions.pdf
  • Building a Home Distillation Apparatus.pdf
  • Distillation of Alcohol and De-Naturing.pdf
  • Home Production of Alcohol Fuel.pdf
  • The Blue Flame.pdf
  • The Expats Survival Kit.pdf


  • A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump.pdf
  • A Pelton Micro Hydro Prototype Design.pdf
  • Basic Information Multi Purpose Power Unit with Horizontal Water Turbine.pdf
  • Best Practices for Sustainable Development of Micro Hydro.pdf
  • Computerized Ram Pump Calculators.pdf
  • DTU P90 Ramp Pump.pdf
  • S1 Ramp Pump.pdf
  • DTU S2 Ramp Pump.pdf
  • Estimating Small Stream Water Flow.pdf
  • Folk Ram Pump.pdf
  • Guide to Hydropower.pdf
  • Hand Pumps.pdf
  • Harnessing the Small Stream.pdf
  • Hints on the Development of Small Water Power.pdf
  • Homemade Ram Pump.pdf
  • How Ramp Pumps Work.pdf
  • Hydropower.pdf
  • Industrial Archaeology of Watermills and Water Power.pdf
  • Introduction to Ram Pumps.pdf
  • Laymans Guidebook to Developing Micro Hydro.pdf
  • Local Experience with Micro Hydro Technology.pdf
  • Low Cost Development of Small Water Power Sites.pdf
  • Manual for the Design of a Simple Mechanical Water Hydraulic.pdf
  • Micro Hydro Electric Power.pdf
  • MicroHydropower Handbook.pdf
  • Micro-HydroPower.pdf
  • Multi Purpose Power Unit with Horizontal Water Turbine.pdf
  • New Developments in Ram Pumping.pdf
  • Overshot and Current Water Wheels.pdf
  • Ram Pump System Calculators.pdf
  • Design notes Ram Pump System.pdf
  • Ram Pump Users Manual.pdf
  • Small Earth Dams.pdf
  • Hydroelectric Plants.pdf
  • Michell (Banki) Turbine.pdf
  • Small Scale Hydropower Technologies.pdf
  • The Construction of a Hydraulic Ram Pump.pdf
  • Segner Turbine.pdf
  • Using Water to Make Your Own Electricity.pdf
  • Water Current Turbines.pdf
  • Powered Water Mills in Central Crete.pdf
  • Hydro Power for the Farm.pdf
  • Watermills with Horizontal Wheels.pdf


  • A State of the Art Survey of Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps Solar Cookers and Wood Burning Stoves.pdf
  • An Attached Solar Greenhouse.pdf
  • Basic Principles of Passive Solar Design.pdf
  • Building a Solar Panel.pdf
  • Elements of Solar Architecture for Tropical Regions.pdf
  • Energy The Solar Prospect.pdf
  • Evaluation of Solar Cookers.pdf
  • Homegrown Sundwellings.pdf
  • Hot Water.pdf
  • How to Build a Solar Crop Dryer.pdf
  • Build Your Own Solar Cell.pdf
  • How to Make a Solar Cabinet Dryer for Agricultural Produce.pdf
  • Make a Solar Still.pdf
  • Making a Solar Cooker.pdf
  • Operating a Solar Heated Lumber Dryer.pdf
  • Rays of Hope.pdf
  • Reaching up, Reaching Out.pdf
  • Solar Adobe Sun dwellings.pdf
  • Beeswax Extractor.pdf
  • Chimney Supported Minto Wheel.pdf
  • Food Dryer.pdf
  • Grain Drying.pdf
  • Icemaker.pdf
  • Photovoltaic Products.pdf
  • Power Generator for less than 300.pdf
  • Sun Powered Electricity.pdf
  • Solar Powered Home.pdf
  • Water Pumping.pdf
  • Survey of Solar Agricultural Dryers.pdf
  • Sustainable-Greenhouse-Design.pdf
  • Technology for Solar Energy Utilization.pdf
  • The Food and Heat-Producing Solar Greenhouse.pdf
  • The Fuel Savers.pdf
  • The Solar Survey.pdf
  • The Haybox.pdf
  • The Solar Energy Timetable.pdf
  • The New Solar Home Book.pdf
  • Solar Cookery Book.pdf
  • The Solar Dwelling Design Concepts.pdf
  • Solar Water Heater Workshop Manual.pdf


  • A Practical Treatise on Coal Petroleum and Oil Distilation.pdf
  • Average Wattage Requirements for Generators.pdf
  • Budget Generator from Lawnmower.pdf
  • Build a Generator from a Lawn Edger Motor.pdf
  • Coleman Powermate Generators.pdf
  • Deep Cycle Battery FAQ.pdf
  • Details for th Minto Wheel.pdf
  • Diesel Storage.pdf
  • DYI Emergency Power System.pdf
  • Electric Vehicles Design, and Build your Own.pdf
  • Electricity Generation Using Small Wind Turbines.pdf
  • Energy for Rural Development.pdf
  • FEMA%20emergency%20gassifer.pdf
  • hand crank charger.pdf
  • hand crank charger2.pdf
  • Hot Air Engine.pdf
  • How to Live Without Electricity.pdf
  • Hydrogen Wind BioDiesel and Ethanol.pdf
  • Minto Wheel Calculations.pdf
  • Miscellaneous Survival Generator FAQ.pdf
  • Permanent Magnet Generator.pdf
  • Pico Turbine Deluxe Windmill Plans.pdf
  • Propane Tank FAQ.pdf
  • Renewable Energy Resources and Rural Applications in the Developing World.pdf
  • Rice Husk Conversion to Energy.pdf
  • Rice Husks as a Fuel.pdf
  • Ten Things You Need to Know About Power Inverters.pdf
  • Wood Gas as Engine Fuel.pdf
  • Wood Gas Generator.pdf
  • WoodGasGeneratorORNL.pdf

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