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Amateur Rocket Motor Construction

Book Review: Amateur Rocket Motor Construction

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One hobby I would like to do more of is Pyrotechnics. I love fireworks and I love diy projects, but unfortunately the regulations on storage keeps my playing to a minimum. However, even if I don’t get to build as much sparkly smoky things as I like, I still enjoy reading about them

Amateur rocket motor construction is an awesome book. It is full of diagrams and instructions as well as recipes to make several tested rocket designs.

Not only does the book have lots of reference material, it even has a couple “improvised” ingredients – recipes included use common chemicals found at hardware stores including ingredients from gopher gassers and stump removers.

This is a very well written guide to something I am very fond of.  I even bought a kit from skylighter.com that allows me to build my own amateur rocket motors whenever I want so that I can continue to play rockets.

As soon as I figure out the legalities (not because it is dangerous or bad but because of overregulation) I want to use the rocket motors to make white star clusters for signalling.  I have a pretty good idea how they are made, and can do it safely but since it is a rocket with a “charge” I don’t want to get hit with a weapons of mass destruction arrest for doing something to potentially save a life.

You have to love cowards making laws and enforcing them with thugs…

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