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An Effective Guide to Reducing Lower Back Pain

Reducing Lower Back Pain
An Effective Guide to Reducing Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is a common issue that bothers millions around the world. A stinging pain affecting the lower back area- it is one of the worst things to suffer from.

There can be many reasons for this. It could be your wrong posture while lifting weights at the gym or due to the poorly supported old mattress you haven’t changed in a while.

The pain can vary based on the intensity and location of the issue. Fortunately, there are many options available for treating lower back pain. But before you make the doctor’s appointment, why not give these listed remedies a try at reducing lower back pain?

Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain

A Safe Option for Treating Lower Back Pain

Some of us do have the tendency to rush to the doctor in any case of lower back pain. Even if it the pain is mild. Just keep in mind that taking medications for such trivial matters can leave you with complications. So, it is always safer to try some home remedies first.

Try these home remedies to quickly get rid of back pain. Most back pains don’t linger on for more than six weeks.

1. Apply Ice or Heat

For the first two days of pain, apply a bag of frozen food or ice packs on the area of pain. Apply several times each day. Try to keep it for around twenty minutes.

After the initial two days, try applying some heat. You can use heating pads for this purpose. The frequency and duration of the application will be the same as before.

You may wonder how the whole thing works. You see applying something cold helps to numb the pain receptors at the affected area. It also helps to reduce the swelling.

Heat application, on the other hand, increases the blood circulation and oxygen flow, thus bringing relief to the affected area.

2. Wear Specialized Shoes

Depending on the structure of the foot, different designs of insoles and orthotics are available in the market. Getting the right support from shoes can reduce pressure on your lower back. Thus, it ultimately helps in reducing your lower back pain.

Consult a podiatrist to know which shoe is right for you. You don’t necessarily have to purchase a new pair of shoes. A change of insoles or orthotics may be sufficient.

3. Consider Changing Your Mattress

Mattresses play a big role in supporting your lower back. Old mattresses often sag in the middle.

Purchase mattresses suited for your back, something that provides you a nice combination of comfort and support. Use a mattress topper for added benefits if necessary.

Remember: A mattress with an age of above six years is starting to get old and inadequate.

4. Do Some Light Physical Activities

Physical activity will ensure that your muscles are in the best shape possible. It will also warm up your entire body. Regular physical activity also keeps the blood circulation on point, keeping lower back pains or headaches in check.

You don’t have to go all berserk on your first day though. You can start with some walking, cycling or yoga. And don’t forget to stretch. Especially, if you’re a desk worker. It is always wise to stand and stretch the whole body in between the long working hours.

5. Keep a Positive Mindset

It is important to think positively in case you are suffering from pain of any sorts. If you are anxious or tensed about your pain, the situation can get worse. Over-anxiety and worries can amplify the pain according to studies.

Thus, we recommend keeping the body calm and relaxed. This will definitely help you while you are trying to treat your lower back pain.

Suffering for More than Six Weeks? Seek Help from the Experts

You should consult a doctor if the pain is unbearable or if it lingers on for more than a month.

Your doctor might conduct various tests on the affected area to find out the underlying problem. Based on what has actually happened, he might give you the following recommendations:

1. Ointments and Creams

Topical medicines such as these are applied to the area of the pain instead of being swallowed or injected. These medicines can have side effects on your skin and can cause temporary discomfort.

2. Oral Medications

Your doctor can also prescribe generic drugs to alleviate the pain. If that doesn’t work, you might be prescribed drugs specialized to address muscle inflammation.

These drugs too can have a wide range of side effects including stomach problems. So, don’t take these without any doctor’s consultation.

3. Anti-inflammatory Shots

These will be prescribed only in case of emergency. These shots do provide relief but only a temporary one.

4. Consult a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist will study your body and look for any misalignment in the body structure. Active release therapy, exercises, stretches are some of the many different tools he might use to alleviate the pain.

There are other alternative approaches to treating back pain too. But make sure the one addressing your back pain issues knows what he’s doing. He should be qualified and well trained.

Some Final Words

Often times many people think that drugs or surgery are the keys to solving back pain.

But taking this route can leave you suffering from multiple side effects. It is better to try the safer options first.

Lower back pain can be irritating and troublesome but luckily has a number of solutions. There are awesome equipment on the market to help you get rid of this pain. Combine that with our tips and you can enjoy life with a painless lower back.


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