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Angleizer Multi Angle Tool Review

multi Angle Tool
Angleizer Multi Angle Tool

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As I said in the video above, I have wanted a angleizer tool for a while now, but I did not have a reason to buy one.  I still don’t have a specific project in mind, but I have been plotting to build a teardrop camping trailer so I can convince the wife to go camping more.  Anyway, lack of proiject aside, I finally decided to buy this tool when I saw it was only $10.99 for a kit that included the angleizer, a protractor, and a tape.

The neat thing about this tool is that it can lock any desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications.   Most people use it for hanging tile, laying floors, or cutting stone.  I don’t do much of any of that, but as a DIY’er I think it will help with laying out projects.

It is easy to use, and it even comes with an extra screw.

One thing I did not like is that it did not come with instructions, normally I would just google it, but there is a lack of good videos on the subject.  But basically you just pull on the template tool to what ever shapes or angles you needed, then tighten the screws.


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