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Aotto Portable Oven Personal Food Warmer

I got this Aotto Portable Oven Personal Food Warmer from Aotto to try as a review item.  it comes in 12v, 24,v, and the 115v version I received.

Its a pretty simple 2 part device.  You get an insulated zippered lunch bag with a metallic interior.  The main component is an electric hot plate in one of the three voltages mentioned.

As I was looking up this type of food reheater/cooker online I saw many blogs, ebooks, and youtube channels that are devoted to this kind of device.  It seems plug in cookers are often used by over the road truckers.  Personally, with the dc models, I see a lot of potential for car campers and for preppers.

This Portable oven is probably best thought of as a slow cooker, because that is how it operates.

When you put the food in and plug it in, the oven will slowly heat your food until it reaches 239°F and then it will auto reduce the temperature down until 149°F.

I should have used some of the online sites I found and made a recipe like Cilantro lime chicken but I got lazy and just threw in some mac and cheese.  I should have added less water.  After an hour in the cooker the noodles were tender and ready, but I added too much water.  Therefore I decided to let it cook a little longer.  In hindsight that was dumb, because with the lid steam would not escape.  However. I got busy reading and forgot it, so when I came back hours later I had macaroni mush.

That was my fault, but I still think the idea has merit.  I am told you can use any container up to 9″W x 6.75″L x 3.5″H but I bought a pyrex container because I don’t like reheating pasta in plastic because of the red stains I get in the container.

I am going to get the 12volt version and put in my car camping outfit.


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