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How to Use the Keymod Rail System


AR-15 Keymod Rail System

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In a recent video I showed installing a free float rail on an AR-15.  In this video I explain the Keymod rail mounting system and why I like it.

I used a Keymod rail, which is a way to attach accessories.

The keyhole shaped mounting holes are secure.  They are easy to slid the part in, and tighten it down.

This allows parts to be installed and removed easily.  I have this rail on several rifles.  It is inexpensive and holds my accessories easily.

I find the keymod system to be both easy to use and sturdy.  A plus is that I like how it looks.

In conclusion, I would not pick a firearm accessory strictly on looks because I’m not a mall ninja, but it is nice when you can get function and looks.


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