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AR 15 Solvent Collectors

AR 15 Solvent Collectors

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I am going to give you my opinion and tell you some common thoughts on the idea on solvent collectors but remember I am not a lawyer, am not familiar with the state laws of your state, and am not responsible for you getting arrested for breaking the law.

At gun-shows across the country, and all on the internet people sell adapters that screw to the barrel of your firearm on one end and on the other it is threaded to some device designed to trap cleanign solvent.

I have most commonly seen such solvent collector adapters for oil filters, soda bottles, and maglites.

I have also seen people adapt oil filters, soda bottles, and maglites into DIY firearm noise suppressors.

One of these uses is legal, the other probably is not.

Now I have, in the past owned one of these solvent traps, but the temptation of trying it with a oil filter was great and so I parted ways with it.

Because, unless you have the proper federal paperwork and tax stamp showing you have paid your money it is a federal crime to have an adaptor, a gun, and a collector with a hole though it.  The BATFE considers this to be an unregistered suppressor.

Now, you can make a legal suppressor if you first pay money and fill out the proper forms.  I really want to do a video of a maglite suppressor build.  I don’t because the BATFE has ruled that once the suppressor is built the entire device is a single non-repairable unit if a non-manufacturer builds one.  Meaning when I shoot out the freeze plugs that make up the baffles I am out the $200 tax stamp.

What makes this so irritating is that I have a friend that is a licensed manufacturer, and if he makes the same thing he can repair his (or mine if I bought it from him).

I don’t revolt against the law, but the confusing and nonsensical regulations that are not law but are enforced as law is the main reason I am 100% in support of dissolving the BATFE.


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