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Army Pro Tips: How to Call Your Shots

Army Pro Tips: How to Call Your Shots

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Obviously this is not my video, this is a video from the US Army Marksmanship team and it shows an amazing first person look at what Travis’s sights look like when he breaks a shot, a course on how to call your shots from one of the best.

Knowing how to call your shots is a vital skill that you need if you want to improve your shooting skills.

What this does is allow you to know what you were doing at the moment you fired the shot, by knowing this and the shooting fundamentals you can instantly know where your shot went so you can make adjustments to get the next one where you want it to go.

As a young marine, the ability to call shots was emphasied to me on the rifle range, to the point that I (along with every other Marine recruit) was issues a small ledger that allowed me to copy down how my sights were set, the wind,  where my shot landed, and where I thought it would land.

Proper use of this book would allow me to grow in my shooting skills and become a better marksman.

Like that book, listening to the shooter in the video below will help you become a better shooter.


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