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Tennessee Gun Round LogoTennessee Gun is my main blog.  The focus of this site is on how-to, how-I-did, and projects for preppers.  Their is some firearm content, but it is not all gun geek or overly political.  I value facts over feelings.

I started this site years ago as an advertisement for my firearm classes (which is why it is called Tennessee Gun). It has gone through many revisions and has grown with me.

When I started this prepper journey, mostly I was mostly worried about people based threats. That was natural since I had just gotten out of the Marines and worked in a state penitentiary.

After a while I realized that people tend to prepare based on their own bias and life experience. After several years supervising maximum security housing units I found myself getting mean. Because of this, I transferred to Emergency Management where I began to learn of other threats besides criminals.

Shepherd School

My preparedness skills grew in stages, as I learned more I became open to new things. I changed the name to “Shepherd School”. This reflected my change from just run and gun, to the scientifically based all-hazards approach. A shepherd does more than kill wolves, he tends to his flock by providing shelter, food, and medical attention. I felt this better represented what I was trying to do.

Now this site is more of a How-To site, even though I am insistent than instead of how-to its really how-I-did. I’m a big believer in the idea that if it looks stupid but works, it is not stupid.  So if you don’t like how I did something, realize it worked for me.  If you have a better way, I am humble enough to value your comments.  However, I have been doing this a long time and have reasons for just about everything I do, so I don’t tolerate negativity or feelings over facts.

Tennessee Gun

I tell the new correction officers I teach to treat everyone with the respect, as we are all human and deserve to be held with a certain regard.  However, I also tell them to stand up for themselves and demand to be treated as a professional.  I think that should hold doubly true of internet relationships.  Too many people feel safe behind a keyboard….  Looking out at current trends I decided to refocus back to more firearm instruction because I am seeing way too much hate and even more ignorance, which is why I decided to go back to the site name of “Tennessee Gun”.

That being said, I hope you find this site useful and you are able to use the content to keep your family and your community safe.

DGW is run by David & Genny Nash and their son William (hence the DGW – although William prefers to be called TNTell the YouTuber)