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Demolishing a Trailer with a Backhoe


Backhoe Demolishing a Trailer

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I wanted to tear down the trailer in a way that made good use of the lumber, but after almost two years of messing around, I decided to just do it.

The video above shows my backhoe demolishing a trailer.  This was so much easier than knocking boards with a sledgehammer.

Using the backhoe made this a lot more fun.  Additionally it was easier and took minutes instead of weeks.

I don’t have much more to do to finish cleaning the trailer up.

The stopping point now is removing the trash.  A burn permit helped with much of the wood that was not able to be salvaged, and the Sheetrock is being composted down to help amend my soil.

My dad and I also figured out the easiest way to take the deck off the metal frame.

Once the top is cleared off I will show that process.

I can’t wait until the trailer demolishing is completed, as I need the double wide gone before I can build the range and set up the sawmill in a semi-permanent location.

All in all I think a Backhoe Demolishing a Trailer is the way to go.  If I ever have to do this again, this is how I am going to do it.

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