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Recipe: Banana Peel Chicken

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Banana Peel Chicken is not a widely known technique. However, since we eat a lot of banana and I hate waste I found a way to use them.

What we do is wrap the chicken in a banana peel before we bake it so that it provides a protective covering to steam the chicken and keep in the moisture.

The basis of this idea are aboriginal recipes. Cultures throughout the world wrap food in leaves and steamed it in the ground.

It does make the meat more moist, and does not add any banana flavor to the meat. You could get the same result from aluminum foil, but in doing it this way you make less waste as the banana peel is free.

Finally, I will say that aluminum foil, or a good pot lid will do the same thing. This concept really works the best for those that are very serious about reducing the items they use. It really doesn’t bring that much benefit to those that don’t mind digging out the foil to wrap our food.

Banana peel chicken would probably work well to cook food in coals while sitting around a campfire. I may have to try that.


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