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Beeagle Mens Slip On Loafers Review

Beeagle Mens Slip On Loafers
Beeagle Mens Slip On Loafers
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As I sit writing this, my wife finally noticed these Beeagle Slip On Loafers.  She asked me about them – said “huh” and “I like them”.  I am a easy going guy, so that would probably be enough for me to like these shoes.

Before my wife commented on them though, I liked them.  They are comfortable, light, and inexpensive.  These driving shoes are great around the house – especially after a long day wearing “combat” boots around the prison.

Amazon says they are “perfect for beach, swimming, surf, pool, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, yoga and other any activity, especially suitable for Hiking, Walking, Especially Driving in Hot summer and autumn”  I thought they were more like boat shoes.  With the leather I don’t think I will take them canoeing and I don’t think they are suitable for hiking.  However, as a shoe to wear AFTER hiking or canoeing; when your feet are sweaty and tired or wrinkled and soaked, they are perfect.

The have a rubber sole and are made with a fabric mesh accented and strengthened with leather (or maybe pleather).

When buying I was told the shoes run large, and in my experience that is true.  They have a size guide on the Amazon page, and its pretty simple to use.  I also was warned about a smell with the new shoes.

It did have a bit of a formaldehyde smell (possibly from the plastic “leather”) but it was nothing I was put off by.  The manufacturer says that if the smell bothers your you can rinse with water and place it in the ventilation for 2-3 days, and the smell will disappear. I just put them on and went about my business.

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