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Beeswax for Dirty Hands

Beeswax for Dirty Hands
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When I garden or work with my hands I tend to end up with dry hands – I have all sorts of beeswax based salves, but preventing is better than treating, at least in my opinion.  So I wanted to show you how to use beeswax for dirty hands to keep them clean.

I have found that if I have some warm beeswax (body temperature) and rub it on my hands I get just enough wax rubbed in to protect my hands, but not so much that I get it caked on (as when I am working with melted wax.)

Because I am using wax and not a salve or cream, the coating is dry and relatively durable, and still comes off with soap and water when I am done working.

I hope this tip on using Beeswax for Dirty Hands helps – if it doesn’t (or your hands are cracked and dry from other things) try my beeswax balm recipe.

This tip does take some work to rub it on, as you have to knead the wax and rub it into between your hands to heat it up.  You can’t just swipe the wax across you palm.  However, from personal experience, this is worth it when you are going to be working in the dirt for a while.


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