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6 Benefits of Converting Small Engines to Propane

Benefits of Converting Small Engines to Propane
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Some of my projects are done “just because”, others are experiments or learning exercises, but some – like this one – actually has tangible benefits.  So lets talk about the benefits of converting small engines to propane.

The self reliant gain several advantages when converting small engines to LPG from gasoline.  Some tout the ecological benefits, but I am going to focus only on the tangible things that make daily life easier for a prepper.

Easy to Store

Unlike gasoline propane can be stored forever!  It is much easier to buy a 20 pound LPG tank and store it in a shed than messing with additives and rotating gas.  Gasoline can only be stored for a couple of months and fuel stabilizers don’t work well with ethanol gasoline.

Easy to Refuel Hot Equipment

Propane is not spilled like gasoline when refueling. This makes refueling simpler and safer.  You don’t risk a fire when gas hits a hot engine, and you don’t have to wait for the generator to cool – you also don’t have to mess with funnels or other tools.  Simply screw in another tank and start the engine right up.

Engines Last Longer

While propane does have less BTU’s of energy than gasoline, so more propane is needed to power an engine than running the engine on gasoline, but less energy is waster when burning propane – the engine run cooler contributing to a longer engine life.

Does Not Gum Up Carbs

Not only does the cooler operating temperatures extend engine life, propane does not gun up carbs like gasoline, nor does it deposit carbon on the piston heads.  You get a longer service life on engine oil and don’t have to worry about rebuilding carburetors.  As a matter of fact, in my experience when first converting a small engine, you get black exhaust from the propane helping remove deposits.

Is Not Corrosive to Seals and Gaskets

Propane does not absorb water like ethanol fuels, nor is it corrosive to seals and gaskets like ethanol fuels are.

Easy to Transport

Propane in the 20 or 100 pound cylinders is also much easier to transport than the equivalent amount of gasoline.

Next up is how to actually convert an engine using a kit from  I also have a post on how to convert your generator to electric start.


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