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The Best Guns and Ammo for Self-Defense

The Best Guns and Ammo for Self-Defense

It’s important to understand the relationship between the personal defense weapon you’re planning on purchasing and the kind of ammunition it uses.   This article is about the best guns and ammo for self defense.  At at least some general guidelines.

One of the things that often comes up is “stopping power”. What is generally meant by this is the power of the cartridge. Generally speaking larger cartridges and mean bigger bullets (there are exceptions).

However, stopping power shouldn’t be your only consideration when looking for a self defense instrument.

What about recoil, speed, draw time?

These are all important considerations that can either make a concealed carry defense weapon a liability or a huge life-saving asset.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of my personal recommended bullets/guns.  I’d advise anyone who is serious about understanding how their gun works to read more about the differences between bullet types.

Fast Effective Fire at Medium Range – Glock 17

You can’t beat a Glock.

When it comes to self defense, draw time and concealability are two important factors. A Glock 17 offers an extremely lightweight design.

While the 9mm bullets aren’t incredibly powerful they offer lowered recoil which allows you to get off multiple shoots without losing accuracy.

I find this to be an incredibly important factor in my concealed carry choice of weapon. If you watch any security footage of a self defense firefight you will notice that you rarely have time to aim with a larger caliber bullet, what matters is speed and first shooter advantage.

The Glock magazine is expanded holding 17 rounds. Cartridge are 116-149 grains which can be upgraded to hollow point for maximum damage upon impact. If you spend your time and read about where to buy ammo you can get bulk prices on 9mm ammo.

Ruger GP 100

Known as a pocket rocket, the Ruger GP 100 is a member of the infamous Magnum family. You won’t get as many shots off with this gun but it packs some serious power.

One of the things that I always mention to new shooters is that the Ruger GP 100, despite its concealability and size is still quite a heavy pistol. One the plus side the heavy frame will stop recoil while on the flip side you won’t be pulling it out as fast.

Cartridge size is like a .357 Magnum with 200 grain bullets and a 6 round capacity. The Ruger 100 also works on an extremely simple mechanism and doesn’t get jammed very easily. Great to clean as well.

Best Personal Defense Shotgun – Mossberg 500

The Mossberg is one of the best priced and most reliable shotguns out there. First off I’d like to mention this is an automatic shotgun not a traditional pump action. This means that the empty shell is automatically throw out of the chamber and autoloaded via the kinetic energy of the gun. With a traditional shotgun you’re the one doing the pumping.

The Mossberg is good in rain, fog and even snow. It’s built for tactical use and made to design the rigors of everyday wear and tear.

For bullets, I would suggest using a slug or buckshot. I’m not a fan of birdshot for self defense. If you’re hunting ducks than sure, however, if someone is breaking into your home while your family is asleep you better believe I’m using a 12-gauge slug.

1911 Colt .45 ACP

The Best Guns and Ammo for Self-DefenseCreated by Browning over a decade ago when he invented the 1911, the 230-grain bullet is a great choice for personal defense. Considering that you get about eight rounds and less recoil for that caliber, a good shooter should be able to stop an assailant pretty easily.

I’m a big supporter of the 1911 for a couple of reasons. First, is functionality. The 1911 has been used for almost 90 years while sticking true to its original design and manufacturing.

Nothing special or fancy means not much can get caught or malfunction. Second, it’s cheap. 1911 ammo and guns are available almost anywhere and can be purchased for less than $200 at most gun shows.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to personal defense firearms the most important cardinal rule of all is that you MUST be comfortable with whatever weapon you plan on using. I can’t stress this enough.

This means you need to hit the range with your weapon and use it on a regular basis so when push comes to shove you know exactly how to use it.

Safe shooting everyone.

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