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PROTEAR Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphone Review

image of PROTEAR Bluetooth Hearing Protection HeadphoneI go through a lot of ear muffs and I prefer the electronic kind.  I saw Bluetooth hearing protection headphones with a microphone built in and I had to try them.  Over the years I have tried a lot of different set-ups with the idea of integrating a handheld radio and I haven’t been satisfied.

This one promises to be cord free.  I have used it to stream music while I mow, and I have taken phone calls on using the Bluetooth hearing protection.  I found a set of FRS radios with Bluetooth capability, but they are expensive and I have to wait a while before I can try them.

This video is a short demonstration of the headphones and doesn’t go into a lot of detail.  Once I get the walkie-talkies, I plan on making a more in depth video.

I really like this idea because I can get a pair for my son and can coach him while shooting.  When I try to give him advice currently he keeps tryign to take his muff off since he can’t hear me.  This will stop that issue.

Also, its nice when I am working on the land.  If I am mowing and the wife wants to ask me something she doesn’t have to walk over and yell at me.  Frankly anything that stops the wife from yelling at me is good….



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