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How to Customize Your Glock


Book Review: How to Customize Your Glock

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I used to be one of those guys that didn’t really like Glocks – of course to be fair – I really am a revolver guy at heart… BUT once I bought one and began shooting it, I realized that a Glock is a wonderful utilitarian tool. It is dead on reliable.  Additionally, a Glock’s  accuracy exceeds the abilities of the majority of users.  Furthermore it is rather inexpensive for a major firearm brand.

When I really fell in love with Glock is when I went to the factory armorer school and learned just how simple the design is.  A punch and a small screwdriver is all you need to completely tear one of these guns down. (well you also need the know how- and this book provides it).

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I don’t think How to Customize Your Glock is as good as the armorer course, but it is a lot cheaper. It has large clear pictures and instructions that walk you through the total disassembly and reassembly of Glock firearms.  Furthermore it gives some good modifications you can make to the firearm.

One thing I particularly like is that the book is divided into sections based upon level of skill so that the reader does not get in over there head.

I must warn you however, that the manufacturer does not have to repair under warranty firearms that are jacked up by non-armorers. If you decide to start modifying your gun you can mess it up. So if you buy this book think about what you are doing and use a little common sense.

If you have not been to the factory Glock armorer school, then this book is the next best thing.  This book shows, using clear photos, how to totally disassemble your Glock.  Additionally, it teaches how to customize your Glock so that you are comfortable with it.

While I don’t believe in modifying my firearms outside of anything the factory recommends.  I d0 know a lot of people that feel different.  If it is your gun then I think you should be able to do with it what you want.


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